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Professor Rahmanov Vagif Mamedovich

Professor Rahmanov Vagif Mamedovich

Вагиф Мамедович Рахманов



  • Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine
  • Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Professor, Doctor of Medicine
  • Professor of the International Personnel Academy
  • Member of the European Association of Psychotherapists
  • Honored Doctor of Ukraine
  • Honored Innovator of Ukraine
  • Scientific consultant of the Department of Hearing Rehabilitation of the Institute of Otolaryngology of Ukraine
  • Director of the branch of psychoanalysts of Ukraine
    Head of the Ukrainian Center for Psychotherapeutic Rehabilitation
  • Director of the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation


Since August 1979, he has been working in the Dnipropetrovsk mental hospital, as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, at the invitation of the Dnipropetrovsk regional health department. He was trained in psychotherapy, child and adult psychiatry, acupuncture, physiotherapy, audiology, audiology. Doctor of the highest category in child and adult psychiatry.

At the beginning of his career in the hospital, he worked in the department of neurosis, treated patients with neurotic and somatoform disorders, as well as outpatient treatment of patients with organic and functional disorders, in particular sensorineural hearing loss, autism, autistic disorders, cerebral palsy, anorexia and others, in the psychotherapeutic room for audiology organized for the first time in the country.

Constantly introduces and develops new methods of treating patients with functional and organic pathologies. Scientist Medical Council (UMC) of the USSR Ministry of Health - 1982, problem scientific and technical commission of the Kiev Research Institute of Otolaryngology (1981, 1982, 1984, 1985), Research Institute of General and Pedagogical Psychology of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR - 1982, Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute, Ukrainian Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, Institute of Psychiatry. V.M. Bekhtereva and others approved the method developed by him and recommended it for wide application.

Since 1983, in conjunction with the Institute of Preschool Education of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, a dynamic observation of a group of patients with neurosensory defects of the organ of hearing has been conducted. This method of treatment is approved by the same institute and recommended for use.

From 1986 to 2016 he worked as head of the newly formed psychotherapeutic audiology department number 42 of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital.

In 1986 and 1989, 1990, 1991, on behalf of the Ministry of Health of the USSR, 4 methodical recommendations were issued by the headquarters of the therapeutic and preventive care of the developed psychotherapeutic method.

For active participation in the development and assistance in introducing new methods of diagnosing and treating hearing impairment into practice (1984), the Presidium of the Ukrainian Republican Board of the All-Union Scientific and Technical Society awarded him with a Certificate of Honor.

In 1985, for the developed complex of psychophysiological psychophysical methods of treating sick children with disabilities, including with neurosensory impairment of the organ of hearing, autism, autistic circle disorders, etc., awarded with a diploma of the first degree and awarded the title of Laureate of the LKMU Prize and URSNTT. In 1986, at the Republican competition for the best invention in the field of medicine, biology and medical equipment, created by young scientists during the years of the IX five-year plan (1981-1985), his inventions were awarded prizes. He repeatedly took first place in regional competitions for the best rationalization proposals in the field of medicine.

Considering the positive results of the treatment, by decision of 04.04.86, No. 10.0210-161, the USSR Ministry of Health allowed the Regional Psychotherapeutic Interventional Center for 60 beds with outpatient admission to be opened on the basis of the regional psycho-neurological hospital. Since the opening of the center in October 1986. V.M. Rakhmanov was appointed its leader. Since 1989, the center has received the status of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center. Such a center is the first in the country and abroad.

In 1989, he was awarded the gold medal of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements for the development of new non-drug psycho-social methods for the rehabilitation of patients with disabilities and functional disorders.

In 1989 he defended his thesis at the Research Institute. VM Bekhtereva (St. Petersburg).
In 1991, Rakhmanov V.M. was awarded the title of Honored Rationalizer of Ukraine.
In 1992 he defended his doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Psychiatry. VM Bekhtereva (St. Petersburg).
In 2009 - repeated defense of a doctoral dissertation (nostrification) at the Research Institute of Social, Forensic Psychiatry and Narcology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
In 1999 - a member of the European Association of Psychotherapists.
In 2001, for the development of methods of providing care to patients with severe organic pathology of the central nervous system, the Presidium of the International Personnel Academy awarded the title of Honorary Professor.
On July 24, 2002, by order No. 285 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the center was renamed the Ukrainian Center for Psychotherapeutic Rehabilitation, the director of which was V.M. Rakhmanov.

For the development of non-pharmacological therapy, he is the laureate of the prize of the Central Committee of the Young Communist League of Ukraine and URSPNT (1985), and was awarded the Order of N.I. Pirogov (2009), in 2009 - a medal to them. GV Leibniz, which is awarded by the German homeopathic association; Order of Yaroslav the Wise (2009), diplomas of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, etc.

In 2011 he was awarded the Order of "St. Sophia" I st. with the award of a diploma and a commemorative statuette.
Committee nomination them. Socrates presented Professor Rakhmanov V. M. to the honorary award “The Name in Science”. July 12, 2012 he became the owner of the

Awards and diplomas

For outstanding achievements in the field of health, Professor Rakhmanov V. M. was awarded numerous international awards and diplomas.

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