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Sensorineural hearing loss

Sensorineural hearing loss

The developed medical and psychosocial (psychotherapeutic, psychological) rehabilitation method is a set of measures aimed at stabilizing and normalizing mental functions, mobilizing the reserve capabilities of the auditory analyzer, improving the acuity of hearing, attention, the intelligibility of speech and social adaptation in the micro-and macroenvironment.

The method is based on the use of exclusively physiological and compensatory abilities of the organism, activation of the functioning of the inner ear and intact central parts of the auditory analyzer in conditions of exclusion of visual function.

The use of the technique does not require medication or their reception is extremely limited by symptomatic therapy.

An important feature of the technique is that the close relatives of the patient are actively involved in all rehabilitation activities. This allows you to improve their psychological state due to the severe illness of a loved one, eliminate neurotic and somatoform (psychotic and non-psychotic) disorders, ensure a favorable moral and psychological climate in the family and thereby optimize the rehabilitation effect on the patient.

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