Early childhood autism (Kanner's syndrome)
Lena Moor, mother of Misha, 9 years old

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Lena, I’m Misha’s mom, we are 9 years old, diagnosed with early childhood autism (Kanner’s syndrome). We live in Germany. From 26.03.2018 to 13.04.2018 we went through the 12th stage of treatment.

Misha fell ill at a year and a half after being vaccinated. At the age of 3, we were diagnosed and told that my child was one hundred percent disabled. The child squealed, howled, yelled, banged his head against the walls and floor, did not speak, did not ask for a pot. at 5.5 years old, we began treatment with Professor Rakhmanov.

After the second cycle, Misha began to play ball with me, after the third he developed an interest in playing together with a typewriter, building a pyramid of cubes, Misha began to assemble a picture from three identical parts. The hissing sounds “sh” and “s” appeared for the first time.

When he gets into the Car, immediately pulls the seat belt, because need to buckle up. Leaving the room or toilet turns off the light. During the fourth cycle, our understanding improved. During the fifth cycle, Misha began to speak, very slowly and carefully. The first thing he said was “I” (yes) when I asked him if he wanted to go to the toilet. At that time he spoke 10 words, was able to say his name.

Curiosity has grown a lot. I began to look at people and things. Hyperactivity has become a little less. My husband also came with us to another treatment. The family situation returned to normal. After the seventh cycle, comprehension increased. After washing the dishes, he sorts the spoons and forks into compartments. Sweeps the kitchen floor with a brush and a scoop 🙂 Speaks 20 words. After the 8th course, I finally started going to the toilet, not only in small but also in big ways. This is the greatest achievement. Eats with a knife and fork.

There was an interest in different toys. Favorite clothes appeared. Repeats words, short sentences. He can say “My name is Michael”, “He has candy”. I began to eat less. Previously, there was no feeling of fullness and Misha ate without stopping. Understands much more.

I learned the numbers from 1 to 3. Writes “mom” and “dad” on the keyboard. Can answer the questions “What is this?” I show what interests me and Misha says knife, nose, stomach, car, leg. After treatment, the child began to understand speech better.

Thinking: logic appeared, I wanted to go home all the time. The last week I woke up, as usual, at 6:00 and found Misha not next to me, but near the front door with a suitcase packed and dressed for the flight home. When I cook for a meal, stands next to the spatula, wants to interfere so that it is quickly prepared and put on a plate.
Conversation skills have improved, passive vocabulary has increased, he can repeat short sentences of three words – “a wolf eats meat”, “a fox eats meat”, repeats words of 2-3 syllables.

He began to show interest in speech therapy classes. When he is in a good mood, he is engaged with joy.
If earlier he did not understand what we want from him with the notebook, now of all the activities that we offer him (and he does not like and does not want to study) the letter is his favorite. Misha himself can write up to 6 lines in copybooks. He understands that it is necessary to write on the dotted line. Even paints better.

After cycles 10 and 11, he can understand the “if, then” condition: he brought a melon and a knife from the kitchen. I say that if you turn off the computer, then we will eat the melon. I went and turned it off. Another striking example of increased understanding: I clean after lunch. Misha ran to the kitchen to me. I asked him where his plate was. He ran and brought both a plate and a fork and knife.

After the last 12 stages of treatment in 2 weeks, my child became 3 times calmer and began to exercise with joy. Himself leads me to the table. He writes with both hands, with and without my help, he learned to count to 10. The therapist came home to us for a lesson, started filming Misha, and sending him to colleagues. Asks: Did you replace him?

I am glad for his success, thanks to the professor and all the staff of the clinic. What Misha got during and after each cycle gave rise and development. I also got better: my blood pressure returned to normal in the course of treatment. Thyroid gland ulcers have almost halved, now they decrease a little with each control.

We are going to go to the 13th course of treatment. The goal has become new: active speech and more patience if you have to wait for something.

Lena Moor, mother of Misha, 9 years old.

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