Optimism – Pessimism. Paradoxes are the excesses of modern civilization

About the book
“Optimism is pessimism. Paradoxes are the excesses of modern civilization "is another published book by a doctor widely known to readers, Professor Rakhmanov, dedicated to the adaptation of a modern person to the conditions of life that are rapidly changing their usual essence, the environment of their own habitat.

The author tries to remind us, to warn us, to convincingly show us with the simplest examples, with every line, every word, that we live in a material world, which, as it sometimes changes before our eyes, requires in us appropriate reactions, active energetic activity, an adequate competent response to all these challenges.

Naturally, if humanity at this stage of evolutionary upheavals does not want to turn into a gravedigger of the earthly civilization proper.

Raising these global questions of the existence of the coexistence of people on planet Earth, the author turns to his proofs to the simplest examples of our existence. The author does not call from the pages of the book – he shouts: “People, look around! What are you doing? Think about the future! Take care of nature, your native land, the World. ”

The proposed books reflect both various scientific and simply interesting information, useful facts related to current topics: health, ecology, social psychology.

The choice is up to the person. Professor Rakhmanov outlined this choice on the pages of this book.
The book is intended for a wide audience.

Dnipro, RIA “Dnepr-VAL”, 2018

Edition in the Azerbaijani language.
Azerbaijan, Baku, 2018

Reader reviews
Why do children get sick? How to treat and whom?

Before me is a new book by Professor Vagif Mamedovich Rakhmanov. I never cease to be amazed at the breadth of the soul of this wonderful person!

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician, Honored Doctor and Innovator, the author of a unique non-drug method for treating seriously ill children and adults, who has more than 500 scientific papers! Every day, on weekdays and holidays, he begins and ends the day with communication with sick children and the adults around them!

What other professor can I see without an appointment, at any time, from anywhere in the world? The professor not only remembers the patient, his diagnosis, but also the smallest details of behavior, communication, manifestations of improved health.

 The book by Professor Rakhmanov. Optimism is pessimism. Paradoxes are the excesses of modern civilization. Professor Rakhmanov’s book. Optimism is pessimism. Paradoxes are the excesses of modern civilization. [/ Caption]

 The book of Professor Rakhmanov. Optimism is pessimism. Paradoxes are the excesses of modern civilization. “Dedicated to the memory of forgotten ancestors!” – Professor Rakhmanov [/ caption]

Vagif Mammadovich will not be left without attention and how and with whom the child communicates, how he reacts to the addressed speech. And what excellent conditions he created in his research institute! Everything according to his design: a modern-style house on the site of an abandoned kindergarten, a park with a fountain, intricate paths, even flower beds – everything serves the main goal of the child’s recovery. I read the book and understand that its entire content is imbued with concern for the future of all mankind.

Optimism - Pessimism. Paradoxes are the excesses of modern civilization.Professor Rakhmanov’s book. A topic for thought and some practical advice.[/ Caption]

The book by Professor Rakhmanov. Optimism - Pessimism. Paradoxes are the excesses of modern civilization.Professor Rakhmanov’s book. Optimism is pessimism. The myth about diseases and existing drugs. [/ Caption]

Why do children get sick? How to treat and whom? The wisdom (they are also life hacks 😜) psychoanalyst, professor Vagif Rakhmanov outlined in his new publication. There is something to read to patients, especially young parents and young grandmothers 😉. Thanks to the professor for his work without holidays and weekends, and for publications in a simple and accessible language for parents on important medical topics.

The number of children with autism spectrum disorders is growing at an incredible speed - Mira Shirikina, pediatrician

In my life, I was lucky to meet a very interesting person. This is the doctor of medical sciences, professor Rakhmanov Vagif Mammadovich, you don’t often meet such people on your life path. And when you meet, you realize that you start to look at the world differently.

We live in a very dynamic time when everything around us is changing rapidly and the speed of these changes is often alarming. Having worked as a pediatrician for more than thirty years, teaching pediatric science students, I have repeatedly had the opportunity to analyze how the evolution of pathology in children is changing over this period of time.

My colleagues and I often discuss the frightening trends we see. There are many problems that pediatricians often fail to cope with. According to various estimates, from 40 to 60% of childhood illnesses can be considered psychosomatic (when psychological difficulty manifests itself as a bodily symptom).

Much more often, children began to experience behavioral problems: isolation, aggressiveness, poor academic performance. The number of children with autism spectrum disorders is growing at an incredible rate. Considering all these disappointing tendencies, I would like to ask the question: “What awaits us tomorrow …?”.

After reading the book of Professor Rakhmanov Vagif Mammadovich “Optimism – pessimism, paradoxes – excesses of modern civilization”, I was amazed at how deeply he detailed all the reasons that in one way or another affected the health of the population as a whole.

A huge variety of interesting and informative facts from all spheres of human life, which are presented to the general public in a completely accessible language, will certainly help people, even those who are not related to medicine, think about what awaits all of us in the near future!

Professor Rakhmanov V.M. shares his rich medical experience, giving examples from practice, illustrating how diseases depend on what we come into contact with every day (food, water, air, household items, etc.).

In his book, the author constantly draws a parallel between the events of ancient civilizations and the modern world, thereby emphasizing the fact that only humanity is guilty of what it has today. “Nature itself is unable to withstand the follies of mankind. Nobody wants to back down. The mechanism of “artificial destruction” has been launched. We are waiting for new troubles, unknown, incurable diseases, slowly dying, and a decline in the world’s population in the future … ”.

Back in 1972, the famous American scientist D. Calhoun made his generation think about the future. The results of his research then shocked, however, time passed, and people stopped thinking that the state of “death of the spirit” will overtake all of us if we do not evolve mentally.

With his book, Professor Rakhmanov addresses each of us:

“Our children, descendants! Stop, think about what you are striving for, what are you renouncing? ”The author exclaims. “You rush headlong towards the ghostly future … And there is an abyss ahead! Desolation of souls and physical extinction are outcomes of a fierce struggle in an insatiable flock of consumers! Thunder has struck long ago! … “.

He is trying to awaken in us that humans, which is called the instinct of self-preservation, only then we can stay on the edge of the abyss and save ourselves.

During that period of time, while I had the opportunity to observe through the eyes of a doctor, how Professor Vagif Mammadovich Rakhmanov works, I became convinced how selfless, dedicated to his work PERSON! Only with such an attitude to your work can you achieve results where others could not help!

Thank you very much for your invaluable work, for giving hope and saving those who have already lost faith in salvation!
Thank you for sharing your experience in numerous publications and taking the time to write books in that rhythm of life!

Lying is stressful! Need to lie less!

In 2018, a book by Professor Rakhmanov was published, dedicated to the memory of forgotten ancestors. This is not the first literary work of a unique healer from God, a scientist who practices absolutely no drug treatment of many diseases of modern society.

This work touched me to the depths of my soul and was read in one breath. The topics covered in the book are very relevant and topical.

The author’s interesting view of the aspects of life that excite all sane people makes us think seriously about our way of life, about our attitude to the environment and, accordingly, about the future of our children.

Poor quality food, food allergies, counterfeit drugs, atypical modern diseases that do not respond to traditional treatment, harm from mobile radiation – this is a small list of topics that can be found on the pages of a useful and informative book.

“Lying is stressful! We need to lie less! ” – calls on the author. Honest people have higher immunity and even headaches less often. This is a reason for reflection.

And most importantly: the scientist-philosopher urges us to pay more attention to the environment, to the prevention of natural disasters, to the fight against physical and mental illnesses for our future generations and in the name of the memory of our ancestors who have preserved the world for us!

“Let’s not talk about the war! And may the sun always shine in the soul of every person! ” – the words of a true philanthropist.

Thank you for a wonderful book!

About threats in our common future

The statements of Professor Vagif Mamedovich Rakhmanov about the threats in our common future are more relevant than ever today. His new book is dedicated to the memory of forgotten ancestors. There is something to think about. Recommend.