Treatment and rehabilitation
Treatment and rehabilitation of autism (ASD), developmental disorders (speech, motor skills, scholastic skills), cerebral palsy (CP), eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, emotional disorders, behavioral disorders, enuresis, encopresis, phobias, tics, stuttering, neuroses, somatoform disorders, sensorineural (sensorineural) hearing disorders (hearing loss, deafness) and others.
The treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders, Professor Rakhmanov is carried out according to the author's method, which gives rise to the process of restoring human health by activating the hidden capabilities and reserves of the body (without the use of drugs and medicines). This allows you to achieve recovery or significant improvement in the following disorders and syndromes:
Also, professor Rakhmanov has have proved expertise and unique positive experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of unspecified, little-studied, and rare mental disorders, syndromes, and diseases of the psyche and the nervous system of a person. For example cortical blindness, some brain malformations, and similar. To clarify the possibility of treatment and rehabilitation, it is necessary to make an appointment for a personal consultation with professor Rakhmanov.
Treatment reviews
Patient, 40 yo
Hello! I want to tell you about my neurosis and my own healing. I am 40 years old, of which the last few years have been overshadowed by “various diseases.” I did all sorts of ultrasounds, cardiograms, X-rays, MRI, gastroscopy, laboratory tests, then I took medications, but it hurt all...
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Mom Lesya, Kyiv, Ukraine
Alyosha was well remembered by the medical team of Dr. Rakhmanov’s institute, the diagnosis was hydrocephalus, the condition after coma (post coma state). When we brought Alyosha to Professor Rakhmanov for treatment, he did not perceive the speech addressed to him and did not speak himself, did not eat himself,...
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Gushchina Natalia
Good day, My name is Natalya Gushchina, I live in Mariupol, Donetsk region. Having read all the above, I would like to write a few lines on my own behalf. So that people who are just thinking to contact Professor Rakhmanov do it faster and do not hesitate! Professor Rakhmanov...
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