Treatment and rehabilitation
Treatment and rehabilitation of autism (ASD), developmental disorders (speech, motor skills, scholastic skills), cerebral palsy (CP), eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, emotional disorders, behavioral disorders, enuresis, encopresis, phobias, tics, stuttering, neuroses, somatoform disorders, sensorineural (sensorineural) hearing disorders (hearing loss, deafness) and others.
The treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders, Professor Rakhmanov is carried out according to the author's method, which gives rise to the process of restoring human health by activating the hidden capabilities and reserves of the body (without the use of drugs and medicines). This allows you to achieve recovery or significant improvement in the following disorders and syndromes:
Also, professor Rakhmanov has have proved expertise and unique positive experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of unspecified, little-studied, and rare mental disorders, syndromes, and diseases of the psyche and the nervous system of a person. For example cortical blindness, some brain malformations, and similar. To clarify the possibility of treatment and rehabilitation, it is necessary to make an appointment for a personal consultation with professor Rakhmanov.
Treatment reviews
Inna, Artem's mother, 3 years old
The child grows up active, cheerful and kind, but one problem is that he does not hear. We spent almost two years in hearing aids, and one and a half years of classes with a deaf teacher did not bring the desired results ... In 20 days of treatment, Artyom's hearing improved by 10 dB. Opened up new horizons in bone conduction ...
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Natalia, Kyiv, Ukraine
My name is Natalya, daughter Daria, she is 6 years old. The diagnosis in a child: specific developmental disorders of speech and language and developmental disorder of motor function. Everyone has their own pain … … I always asked myself: why me ?, why did this happen to me?, why...
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Mom Olga, Odessa, Ukraine
In December, my daughter and I underwent the first course of treatment with Dr. Rakhmanov. Before treatment in Dnipro, they were examined at the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, two private clinics, and an ENT institute. The diagnoses were different: auditory neuropathy, hearing loss of the 2-3-4th degree. Here is such...
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