Hydrocephalus, after a coma, specific developmental delay
Mom Katya, Kiev, Ukraine.

My daughter Eva is 9 years old. The trauma during childbirth gave consequences – cerebral hydrocephalus, followed by developmental delay. I want to share my difficult story of a child’s life and give our feedback on the treatment with Professor Rakhmanov.

There were 2 shunts. The first one is not successful. The shunt worked halfway. The child suffered from this, developed poorly, fullness began, all moments up to holding the head were difficult, development proceeded with a great delay. At 9 months, the shunt was replaced with a fully working one. The child began to develop more slowly than his peers, but still.

By the age of 5, she still did not walk well, did not know how to crawl and jump at all. Psychiatrists wrote prescriptions with strong medications, and said: “Take the pills, the child will not develop without them, she is 5 years old, and she is silent, drink!” But my husband and I, after rereading the entire Internet and reviews of mothers, side effects from drugs, did not dare to give them to the child. Developed as best they could themselves – physiotherapy exercises, massages, and speech-language therapists. The results were. But there was no talk. She answered with her finger, pointed and pointed, there is intelligence, the brain works, but there is no talk.

Eva with her Mom. Hydrocephalus, after a coma, specific developmental delay

Eva with her Mom

The impetus for speech and walking was the course taught by Professor Rakhmanov. I learned about him from the same “crazy” in a good meaning and loving mommy like me. She spoke about the serious results of her son, the diagnosis of autism, on which our city doctors, in principle, put an end to mental development. But after several courses of treatment with Professor Rakhmanov, the boy not only spoke, she managed to send him to a comprehensive school, to tighten up his studies and social skills almost to the norm.

As for us, we came to Professor Rakhmanov at the age of 5.2. Except for “A” and “Uh-huh” there was nothing from the speech, sometimes “Pa-pa-pa” broke through. I will not exaggerate, but our story is already known by many parents whom we met on subsequent courses of treatment, but most importantly and most importantly, on the 7th day of treatment with the professor, my daughter said a three-word sentence: “Grandfather, go to eat!” This was the beginning of our recovery. In the subsequent courses of treatment with the professor, the results were obvious: the child began to “chat”, interrupting my husband and me! She said everything from poetry to mathematics!

Eva with her father and Professor Rakhmanov, during treatment. Hydrocephalus, after a coma, specific developmental delay

Eva with her father and Professor Rakhmanov, during treatment

As if there was no such strong developmental delay. Her speech became a better, fine motor skill improved, even gait changed with each course. By the age of 7, we managed to reach a mass school. This is our great victory and merit of the professor. We went to a preparatory class, a regular school but with a speech therapy bias. Eva was ready, she did not learn to jump, but she walked almost without fear (there was a certain fear of breaking away, but every day, independent steps were more and more confident).

We started learning English, reading and drawing. I can say with confidence that we returned to normal (although we did a lot of work along the way, some nuances with the speech therapist and diets were present, but these are not the same problems with which we first came to the professor! And you know, the most surprising thing, children like as if they themselves understand what they need, so Eva always went to the professor with pleasure, she did not need to be persuaded – “Professor is my friend!”.

But trouble crept up when we no longer expected it. After finishing the preparatory class, becoming friends with the children (before communication ended in adults), learning to play with toys (from childhood I played with kitchen utensils and did not perceive toys), learning to walk, write, read and perceive the outside world, before the treatment with Professor Rakhmanov, Eva was autistic spectrum disorders and fears. Our girl, through the fault and negligence of the neurosurgeon’s doctor, fell into a coma.

The shunt was clogged, it had to be urgently replaced, but the neurosurgeon, as it turned out later, did not diagnose the child and let us go home, as if with stomach problems. And a few days later, my daughter became completely ill, she lost consciousness and fell into a coma. I will not delve into what we have experienced, all the fears and how much it cost and that they did not even apologize to us, but wrote it off as a coincidence, we naturally received neither material assistance nor moral.

But the worst thing is that there are more and more illiterate doctors, and those who really understand and know something are few. Over the past year, we were in 4 hospitals, and how nice it is when you meet the true doctor who really loves children, the person in his place. But there are very few of them.

Well, now it’s all over again. Thank God we survived, now there is a long road of rehabilitation. Of course, as soon as our neurologist cleared the way and the crossing, we went to the professor’s course!

All over again: talking, drinking, sitting, etc. But there is hope. While we underwent the 1st course of treatment for malnutrition in July 2018.
They brought a lying, apathetic child, and when they left, they waved their hand, answered with a nod of their head “Yes, No, or I don’t know”, even showed the professor “Like” gest, lifting the big finger up.

Eva after the treatment by Professor Rakhmanov. Hydrocephalus, after a coma, specific developmental delay

Eva after the treatment by Professor Rakhmanov

Today is mid-August, Eve is already saying “Daddy”, “Pee-pee, poo-poo.” This is the beginning, there is a lot of work ahead, but with the help of the professor’s treatment, we will overcome everything and return to “Norma”.

Maybe she didn’t finish writing something or didn’t tell if you have any questions, call us, we will be happy to answer or give you a hint.

Eve’s parents,
Ekaterina, + 38-050-546-05-36
Vladimir, + 38-067-907-61-92
Kyiv, Ukraine

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