For people who are just thinking to contact Professor Rakhmanov
Gushchina Natalia

Good day,
My name is Natalya Gushchina, I live in Mariupol, Donetsk region.
Having read all the above, I would like to write a few lines on my own behalf. So that people who are just thinking to contact Professor Rakhmanov do it faster and do not hesitate!

Professor Rakhmanov takes on the worst cases and achieves amazing results

Often, all those questions, illnesses and troubles with which we turn to Vagif Mamedovich are beyond the understanding of ordinary doctors and often meet their violent negative reaction to the aforementioned person who has devoted his entire adult life to helping children and adults suffering from diseases in which standard medicine refuses any comments and “washes his hands” saying that nothing else can be done. Professor Rakhmanov takes on the most difficult cases and achieves amazing results even when the patient himself ceases to believe in himself.

Our story

Fate brought me to Vagif Mamedovich at the end of 2018. Like most people, parents, I once again searched through countless Internet pages in search of a doctor or healer or an innovative method for treating children with speech retardation and came across a forum, after reading all the reviews and consulting with my family, I decided to go and continue to fight for my child.

We arrived for the first year with our daughter Varvara in February 2019.
We could not walk well and weigh heavily, there was no speech, there was no speech at all, only individual sounds or mooing, the child was constantly in an overexcited state, then complete apathy, often writing (enuresis).

After the first course, we got some words, I began to understand the addressed speech a little, the fears of big animals disappeared, and I became more lively.

After the second course, I began to walk and run confidently. She began to play with dolls herself, she became interested in games, became cheerful, active. Speech appeared, partially understandable, and fully conscious, practically understands everything, understands the addressed speech 100%. Persevering in the classroom, she eats herself.

She tries to repeat words, a lot of babbling, sometimes she speaks her own way and words slip through, that is, the meaning of her story can be understood. So we are going further to the professor for the third year.

Sum up

Dear parents, if you have any questions, you can call me and I will tell you about all the points that interest you. And better than me, the staff of the institute will help you, because people who are not indifferent to our trouble and who can give worthy advice and help in many other issues also gathered and work with the professor there.

Now, the longer we think and waste time, the fewer chances our children have for a full recovery.

Gushchina Natalya (mother) and Gushchina Varvara (daughter)

Be healthy!!!
Contact phone +380983866634

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