Conduct disorders

Synonyms: conduct disorder, depression with psychopathic behavior; psychopathic depression; depression with behavior disorder; neurotic depression with a behavior disorder.

Mixed behavioral and emotional disorders include conditions in the clinical picture of which behavioral disorders are combined with severe depression or anxiety, fear, depersonalization-derealization, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

The prevalence of mixed behavioral and emotional disorders in children and adolescents is unknown, but there is reason to consider them one of the most common types of a depressive syndrome in prepubertal age and adolescents.

Mixed behavioral disorders are characterized by a combination of a depressive syndrome with disorders that mimic the pathology of character (rudeness, insolence, viciousness, aggressiveness, opposition, increased excitability, despotism, hysteria, etc.) and behavioral disorders: absenteeism, refusal to attend school, fights, antidisciplinary actions, leaving, vagrancy, drug use, early sexual intercourse, and sometimes criminal activities.

Behavioral disorders for depression in children and adolescents range from basic antidisciplinary behavior to severe deviant behavior.

Mixed disorders of conduct and emotions usually begin gradually. At the same time, a decrease in mood in most children and adolescents remains unnoticed by others. Over the course of several months, there has been a sharp decline in academic performance, refusal to attend school, and more or less gross violations of behavior. These conditions are mainly long-term course.

Treatment reviews
Mom Irina and daughter Vita. Kharkiv, Ukraine
My already 15-year-old daughter has elective mutism. She speaks only with a limited circle of people – in our case, with relatives and children – her peers. Doesn’t speak to outside adults at all. Plus a bunch of all sorts of fears, mostly far-fetched. Plus hyper-shyness and dislike for personal...
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