Emotional disorders: anxiety, phobias

Anxiety, phobias are specific to infants, preschool, and primary school age, are combined with severe anxiety or fear only in certain situations, are not part of a more generalized disorder, and disappear when the child grows up.

Anxiety disorder (anxiety) due to separation during childhood. It occurs, as a rule, in children who are vulnerable, sensitive, anxious, suspicious, painful, symbiotically attached to their mother. It can occur in early childhood and continue with minor improvements in the condition and exacerbation until the middle of puberty, after which complete reduction occurs.

Anxiety phobic disorder (phobias) of childhood. Children of preschool and less often primary school age in many cases have fears specific to childhood: fear of the dark, loneliness, some animals, insects, medics “white coats”, medical manipulations. With an exceptional saturation of the affect of fear, a state is formed that turns into anxiety-phobic disorder.

Social anxiety disorder of childhood. It is characterized by a fear of strangers of a certain age (adults, old people, children) and unknown social situations. At the same time, social fear manifests itself against the background of deep emotional attachment to parents, other family members, and other acquaintances with whom the child is always open, frank, talkative. The intolerance of changing social situations, new institutions, and new people is so pronounced that it interferes with the primary socialization of the child and gives rise to severe problems of social functioning.

Treatment reviews
Mom Irina and daughter Vita. Kharkiv, Ukraine
My already 15-year-old daughter has elective mutism. She speaks only with a limited circle of people – in our case, with relatives and children – her peers. Doesn’t speak to outside adults at all. Plus a bunch of all sorts of fears, mostly far-fetched. Plus hyper-shyness and dislike for personal...
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