Dissociative or conversion disorders

Dissociative or conversion disorders are characterized by complete or partial loss of normal integration between a memory of past events, the ability to become aware of oneself as a person, and direct sensations and the ability to control body movements.

Patients with dissociative or conversion disorder may completely forget activities they have been doing for minutes, hours, and sometimes much longer. They may feel that they have missed a period of time. In addition, they may feel detached or detached from themselves, namely from their memories, perceptions, personality, thoughts, emotions, body, and behavior. Or they may feel disconnected from the world around them. Thus, their sense of identity, memory and/or consciousness is fragmented.

Dissociative or conversion disorders include the following:

  • Feeling detached from yourself and / or your environment (depersonalization/derealization disorder)
  • Failure to remember important personal information, usually associated with trauma or stress (dissociative amnesia)
  • Fragmented sense of personality and memory (dissociative personality disorder)

Dissociative or conversion disorder is usually caused by overwhelming stress or trauma. For example, a person may have been abused or abused as a child. He may have been a victim or witness to traumatic events such as accidents or disasters. Or the person may experience an internal conflict that is so unbearable that their mind is forced to separate incompatible or inappropriate information and feelings from conscious thinking.

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