Patient, 40 yo

I want to tell you about my neurosis and my own healing. I am 40 years old, of which the last few years have been overshadowed by “various diseases.” I did all sorts of ultrasounds, cardiograms, X-rays, MRI, gastroscopy, laboratory tests, then I took medications, but it hurt all the same … and the condition worsened. My diagnosis is NEUROSIS.

In my case, this is hot temper, irritability, aggressiveness, complete negativism (everything is bad!), fatigue, gastrointestinal upset, autistic behavior, pain in the heart and in the sternum, headache, back pain, poor sleep, cracking in the joints, fear of death …

At work I could barely “sit out”, and at night panic attacks began. The state is terrible. Cooking and cleaning the apartment became incredible work, mistakes appeared at work and I couldn’t keep up. The evening fatigue is incredible. On weekends, I was lying like a log, closing in the room. I turned into a wreck, and I have a husband and two small children!

Thank God and thanks to those people thanks to whom I got to doctor Rakhmanov. Life’s joy, energy, calmness returned. From an evil shrew, I turned into a good wife and mother. The wandering pains are gone. I perceive life situations in a completely different way – not how bad everything is, but how to do it well!

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