Neurosis treatment, Sasha
Mom Sasha Solovyov

Good day! ☀️🍀 I am Mom Sasha Solovyov, diagnosed with neurosis. He have passed a week after treatment. And my son Sashuna woke up completely different! We have a lot of changes and improvements. For this month (20 days of treatment + 1 week after), he grew by 1 cm. Fiction! His fears go. Today, seeing the spider, he did not shout from horror, his lips did not reduce the convulsion from fear, but stood and considered him. And then he said – “What is he nice!” 😊 Night sleeps calmly and even smiles in a dream.

New hobbies appeared. Sasha is delighted with the interior design and landscape of the institute. I, too! 😍 I saw that it was before… Now he was fond of architecture. Draws the plan of our future home 🏡 chooses which trees and flowers will plant. The pictures are very bright! And all the time sings! See the son calm, in creativity, and joyful – happiness for me! I scold myself that we lost three years.

I am grateful to Professor Vagif Mammadovich for our son’s treatment!
Many thanks to the whole team for the atmosphere and goodwill!
God forbid you good and prosperity! 🙏🙏🙏😘

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