Socially inadequate hearing (deafness)

Sensorineural hearing impairments result from a dysfunction of the inner ear, or the auditory nerve, which is responsible for transmitting signals from the inner ear to the brain.

The main symptom of sensorineural hearing loss is hearing loss. Often occurs after suffering ARVI, psychoemotional stress, intoxication. One ear can be affected, or both at the same time.

Sensorineural hearing impairments are often accompanied by noise in the ear: it can be both high-frequency (ringing, squeak, “buzzer”, “hiss”), which is more common, and low-frequency (hum).

The developed medical and psychosocial (psychotherapeutic, psychological) method of rehabilitation is a set of measures aimed at stabilizing and normalizing mental functions, mobilizing the reserve capabilities of the auditory analyzer, improving hearing acuity, attention, speech intelligibility and social adaptation in the micro- and macro- environment.

The technique is based on the use of exclusively physiological and compensatory capabilities of the body, activation of the functioning of the inner ear and intact central parts of the auditory analyzer in conditions of exclusion of visual function.

The use of the technique does not require the administration of drugs or their intake is extremely limited by symptomatic therapy.

An important feature of the technique is that close relatives of the patient are actively involved in all rehabilitation activities. This allows them to improve their psychological state in connection with a serious illness of a loved one, eliminate neurotic and somatoform (psychotic and non-psychotic) disorders, provide a favorable moral and psychological climate in the family and, thereby, optimize the rehabilitation effect on the patient.

Treatment reviews
Marina, Nelly's mother. Kyiv, Ukraine
Good afternoon everyone! At 3 years 8 months, he was diagnosed with grade 3 hearing loss (presumably due to lingering jaundice at birth) and a strong recommendation to wear a hearing aid. We did not accept such a decision of the specialists, we found Professor Rakhmanov, and after 3 days...
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Mom Olga, Odessa, Ukraine
In December, my daughter and I underwent the first course of treatment with Dr. Rakhmanov. Before treatment in Dnipro, they were examined at the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, two private clinics, and an ENT institute. The diagnoses were different: auditory neuropathy, hearing loss of the 2-3-4th degree. Here is such...
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Inna, Artem's mother, 3 years old
The child grows up active, cheerful and kind, but one problem is that he does not hear. We spent almost two years in hearing aids, and one and a half years of classes with a deaf teacher did not bring the desired results ... In 20 days of treatment, Artyom's hearing improved by 10 dB. Opened up new horizons in bone conduction ...
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