Auditory neuropathy, hearing loss 2-3-4th degree
Mom Olga, Odessa, Ukraine

In December, my daughter and I underwent the first course of treatment with Dr. Rakhmanov. Before treatment in Dnipro, they were examined at the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, two private clinics, and an ENT institute. The diagnoses were different: auditory neuropathy, hearing loss of the 2-3-4th degree. Here is such a run.

In the womb, the child suffered hypoxia. The convulsive syndrome persisted for the first two days. The therapy was carried out with Fortum, Amikacin, Dobutamine. The first week of life was on mechanical ventilation. In the earliest childhood (from birth to 2 months of age) he had hepatitis of unknown etiology, which was treated, in particular, with ototoxic antibiotics – Adicin, Vancomycin. After overcoming hepatitis, intracranial pressure was treated (Pantocalcin, Ceraxon). Then they noticed a decrease in hearing. They completed 1 course of Cerebrolysin, 1 course of Cortexin, and took Actovegin, Neuromedin, Neurovitan. We did general massage, speech therapy massage, stimulation of active points with a laser. Until the age of 3, the child received as many medications as I have not received in my entire life.

We learned about Dr. Rakhmanov on the Internet. Here are our results after the 1st course of non-drug treatment:

  • The child has become calmer, does not jump up at night to check whether the mother is in place, does not sob in his sleep; without hysterics lets mom go to the store, staying at home with grandmother).
  • Improved appetite.
  • The flow and variety of babbling have increased.
  • Repeats letters A, O, U after me.
  • Has become more attentive and assiduous (30-40 minutes can be engaged in sculpting or drawing; examines books with interest, pointing at the interesting pictures, asking to name them, before flipping through books quickly and throwing them around).

Mom Olga, Odessa, Ukraine

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