Chronic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss grade 3 and 4 (deafness)
Inna, Artem's mother, 3 years old

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Inna. I went to the institute with my son Artem 3 year old – diagnosed with chronic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss 3-4 centuries. deafness. Where I was not with him: both Ukraine and Poland after examinations said only one thing – cochlear implantation. But something prevented me from deciding on it, all the same operation on the head and as though did not calm down – operation is operation. Long medical treatment, constant trips affected my health too.

The child grows up active, cheerful and kind, but one trouble – does not hear. We spent almost two years in hearing aids, a year and a half of classes with a deaf educator – the desired results were not brought (maybe somewhere I started to hear, but there is no speech). Psychological tension engulfed me completely. Constant questions from relatives and checks on the child’s reaction led me to incredible aggression.

They were afraid to talk to me once again … In some mystical way, I was lucky enough to get treatment at the research institute and I do not regret it at all, on the contrary, I am grateful to all the higher forces that coordinated me here. During 20 days of treatment, Artem’s hearing improved by 10 db. new ranges in bone conduction have opened up.

The child without wearing devices reacts as well as in them, there were new babbling sounds, syllables. He became calmer to explain his desires: somewhere with gestures, and somewhere with sounds. Just as well as trying to say something without apparatus. At home, everyone noted how he has changed, in public places of fame he behaves better, they talk to him, explain something – and he looking at them … and he understands what he is being told.

My mood became much better, my headaches and feelings of helplessness and despair went away. Seeing how the child has changed – I want to continue to fight for his health and for his future.

Endless gratitude for the hard work of the professor from our family.

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