Wise Words

About the book
The author of the book is well known to readers for his many years of work in helping patients with various organic and functional disorders. The book is so structured, interesting, and informative that it can be considered one of the useful handbooks, which is addressed primarily to a wide range of readers, patients, and their relatives.

No dogmas and bombast – simple and ordinary “catchwords” of the author himself, in the person of a famous professor, psychiatrist, writer, his wise psychological thoughts, thinking, and advice.

A peculiar simplicity of the author, style of presentation, excessive frankness about his life, and the observation of a professor of the psychotherapist, psychologist with many years of experience will help patients get rid of their severe illnesses, give them confidence in dealing with their problems.

The author’s special style of presentation will help to understand patients and their families, their mistakes and lack of faith in themselves, overcoming their illness, mental suffering even without the use of medications will convince patients that in many situations a person is able to cope on his own, regardless of at what stage of the disease he is well, this is the best beginning of the path to achieving his dreams or at the final stage.

The content of this book, after carefully reading it, will allow you to move to a new level of thinking, socialization.

If nature punishes a person for his carelessness, then she also leaves him a chance for recovery

The bolder the character, the bolder are the faces, actions, justification, and incredibly impudent search for justice, the lack of criticism of their actions and disregard for the interests of others. This indicates a primitive origin, bad manners or the presence of an incurable disease (or rather, a process in the brain)

The sun warms the souls of those who need and believe in it

Medicine is an art, a struggle of ideas and views, action from the heart and not only for a reward

Dnepropetrovsk, RIA “Dnepr-VAL”, 2015

Edition in the Azerbaijani language.
Azerbaijan, Baku city, 2016

Reader reviews
The book teaches you to think, think deeply
Anna Baiduzh

Let me express my gratitude for the lessons you have taught in your books. Your books give you work on yourself, give you peace of mind, enrich your life with positive emotions.

After this book (I read it many times) my worldview changed, the book teaches me to think, to think deeply. Before the book, I lived as “in a coma” (in my problems), after it came awareness, understanding. This book is like a pill, rather a “vitamin” for the mind.

The phrases were hooked: “Children tend to be what you imagine them to be”, “The heart of a mother is an inexhaustible source of miracles” …

I am very grateful to Professor Rakhmanov. Many thanks to him for such books.

Anna Baiduzh
The family was slowly crumbling ... How to deal with this?

When we came for a consultation with the professor, the first thing that surprised me was a sign with the inscription:

“If you are lucky enough to get treatment, we must divide our work equally (50% and 50%). This is a hell of a job … And so if you only hope for a miracle, you better not contact me! ”

This was the most important rule for me!

Patients are required, first of all, to do three things: patience, not paying attention to the disease, and fighting the disease with a smile on their lips. Health is the fourth thing

Don’t believe that diseases are incurable. All diseases are from bad thoughts. Let’s remove bad thoughts and diseases will disappear

If you want to be healthy, be healthy. But for this, you have to want and do a lot!

Parents’ psyche and health grow old and break down like fruit trees from their own fruits

Laughter and joy are a friend in the fight against sorrow

Go take action. Before it’s too late, change your fate

The ability to forgive is also a talent and not everyone is given it

This book helped me think, understand, and realize a lot, rethink, learn a lot, and go forward … His “Wise Words” left a mark on my soul, which gave me the strength to go forward.

Patients are required, first of all, to do three things: patience, not paying attention to the disease, and fighting the disease with a smile on their lips. Health is the fourth thing!

This book contains the wisest, wittiest, apt aphorisms and quotes of people

Having arrived with the child for treatment to Professor Vagif Mammadovich Rakhmanov, I witnessed how children are healed and parents become happy.
This happened to me too, the child is recovering, and I am becoming happier every day.

During the course, consciousness and attitude towards the world around and people changed. Throughout the treatment, I received moral support: sometimes a joke, sometimes words over which you need to think or a moment to see yourself from the outside, and laugh.

Leaving home, I bought the professor’s book “Wise words, psychological thoughts, aphorisms from the professor …”, this book became a textbook for me. When I read it, the voice of Vagif Mamedovich appears in my head, a voice that gives advice and guidance.

This book contains the wisest, witty, apt aphorisms and quotes of people who have left a deep mark in history: Confucius, Winston Churchill, Jean-Paul, Arthur Schopenhauer, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Aesop, and many others, but the author himself occupies a special place. his quotes, thoughts, aphorisms.

Quotes and aphorisms can tell a lot about the goals, lifestyles, and thinking of these individuals who have transformed the world. Their wisdom that has come down to our times accompanies us in any difficult situation, helps with advice, gives ground for thought, a reason for smiling.

Thank you very much!!!

Here a lot of tips and tricks, from the heart with great love
Natalya Agarkova

We have read your book with the whole family, and I want to say a huge human thank you for the wisdom that you put into every phrase of this collection. You have so briefly and talentedly covered a wide range of views of people of different professions – doctors, sick and healthy, parents and children, the described cases from your practice are especially interesting.

This book was read over the summer by about two dozen people from our environment, including parents of sick children and somewhere changed their views on life, classmates of my eldest son, who chose the profession of a doctor and are now students of medical schools, read with interest.

They argued, discussed your thoughts and realized how responsible it is to be a doctor and that this profession cannot be learned, you need to be born a healer of the human soul and body. Your words of wisdom made them think about the place of the doctor in the patient’s life. Great scientists are like children. But they cry without tears – this is the wisdom of the words of your book.

Here are scattered advice and recommendations, from the heart with great love, based on the richest professional and everyday experience. Your philosophical conclusions could compete with Omar Hayam in talent, wit, and wit. You really cry in your soul for every sick child and rejoice with all your heart when he becomes healthy. You are a wizard. You make a story out of a fairy tale, and the children are healed in some unusual way.

During 1 year of treatment with you, my girl has changed 100% for the better, and we believe that in a year she will be completely healthy. It is such a happiness to see that your child hears, understands, walks, speaks, eats himself, goes to the potty himself, understands the world, those around him, and deliberately rejoices at everything that gives him life.

There is no happier in the world those parents who, having a hopelessly sick, suddenly found a healthy child. What words can I express all gratitude for WHAT you GIVE to all of us without sparing yourself.

Thank you for being there, and God bless you and your children.

With deep respect and endless gratitude!

Natalya Agarkova
This is a treatment for the Soul that is always at hand
Anastasia Khristenko

I read all the books by Professor Rakhmanov. For me, it was an additional course of treatment. As a psychologist, I was able to reflect on my own problems and questions a lot, and I found a lot of answers.

The Professor’s books are the biggest gift for me, because in them he shared his Wisdom and Knowledge with us, what could be more valuable? His words, thoughts, statements, cases from practice, pull out from any depressive state, help to start living, and smiling again.

And although I have already read everything twice, I still often open and turn the pages, and again I find something important for myself. Vagif Mammadovich’s books are a treatment for the Soul that is always at hand! I am very grateful to the Professor for his great work and noble desire to share wisdom and experience with us.

Looking forward to the new edition!

Anastasia Khristenko