Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
Vika, mom, Masha 7 y.o. and Alex 9 y.o, US

Hello, I’m Vika. We are from the USA, we are me, my mother, Masha 7 years old diagnosed with autism and Alex 9 years old Asperger’s syndrome. Masha and I are on treatment for 10 days at the beginning of July 2020. Alex was “sympathetic” and received several sessions too. By the age of 7, Masha is able to repeat individual words, ask for what she needs (individual words), better with behavior, but she is still afraid of new places and does not communicate with children, does not communicate well with adults. This is before treatment.

I read about Dr. Rakhmanov on the Internet a year ago, finally, we were lucky enough to be treated for 10 days, we could not stay longer, but the results were still:

  1. Masha was afraid of a swing, she didn’t ride without me, she swayed in my arms. After the first day, between work and ice cream, I sat down on the swing as if by itself! Then sometimes she rocked with me, but she began to do it more often.
  2. After the second day we were on the river, Masha suddenly started playing with me, and splashing water around with the children too. Previously, she could splash, but by itself, if they were yelling at her, she did not like it. The first time we were all wet with laughter and pleasure from the fun.
  3. Masha washed her hair every few months. At the same time, the hair did not look dirty at all, well, I tried to wash her at least for a holiday – it was the screams of the jungle and Masha tried to get on my head. Somewhere on the 3rd or 4th day of treatment, we come home all covered in dust, we need to wash, I decide “at random” – Masha made only one squeak and her head were washed, yes with shampoo! my hands were shaking from tension and expectation of hysteria, I would wash it faster 🙂
  4. I can say that there is more meaningfulness or something … in the look, in the behavior. On the 4th or 5th day on the way back, we passed the Bridge, where we always ate pizza (once a week, for sure! Favorite food Machine). The minibus is full of people, Masha “pizza!” , I – I think that now there will be such a squeal that the driver EXACTLY will go in the wrong place! I am so quiet and pattering “Masha, now home, pizza later …” silence … we still get off at the Most stop, but quickly get on the bus and go on, and NO yells about pizza! It was almost impossible to take Masha away from pizza before (felting and screaming)

On the 6th – 7th day, the behavior somehow deteriorated, I already knew that there would be an “aggravation” and some kind of deterioration, but which then must pass. It was even scary to go home to America during the period of deterioration, my dad would eat me right at the airport.

The 8th and 9th days were no different, except that Masha was completely accustomed to the procedures and the hospital, she felt completely at ease. On the last day, she climbed into a puddle near the hospital, completely happy and dirty. A month ago, she was jumping through the puddles with disgust when caught in the rain.

After arriving and moving to our time, we tried our hand:

  • washing Masha – not a single squeak!
  • rain is nonsense now for Masha!
  • better with children in the pool (the same splashes)
  • better on the playground (trying to play with the group, at least catch-up)
  • recently visited a brand new area, a building, even an elevator down! and a completely unfamiliar office! said “Hi” (hello), sat down on the sofa, walked around the entire office, checked all scanners, printers, paper, I was able to talk calmly!
  • started playing with toys: putting them to bed, imitating what they eat from a plate with her.
  • summer school – good behavior, new teachers, new school, she travels by bus herself: the bus picks her up – this was the case last year, but she could not wait for the bus, ran, was capricious, often whined. Now everything is as it should be — standing with a briefcase, waiting.
  • conversation: I try to tell her more of what she herself should say, repeats well. While there is no conversation, communication, except if she wants something. I really hope that the conversation will follow the behavior and such improvements.
  • Alex began to speak better in dialogue, I noticed more attention to the interlocutor and the conversation was more on the topic than on abstract interests. (Alex was given Asperger’s syndrome, he says a lot, but little in essence, everything is abstract if he was not here).

    Vika, Masha, Alex
    and a smile from ear to ear!

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