Olga, Roman's mother, Ternopil, Ukraine

Hello! My name is Olga. We are from Ternopil, Ukraine. My son Roman is almost 13 years old, diagnosed with autism. For the first time, they turned to the professor when he was 5 years old. Fortunately, until that time, we had not fed him drugs. During the consultation with the Professor, my son was a real Mowgli, whom he had to hold tight so as not to run away and break anything. It was impossible to teach him anything. Extreme hyperactivity, stereotypy, hyperacusis, poor sleep, poor appetite, looking “through the object”, motor impairment (could not even put his hands in his pockets), misunderstanding of the addressed speech … In short, everything that happens with autism was with us.

With all this, we began our difficult journey. Just imagine when, after several days of treatment, I asked him to pick a leaf from the bush and he did it; when, passing over the bridge, I showed him the Dnieper – and he looked with big eyes, admiring. I realized that he sees all this, and not just looks. Immediately after 1 cycle, a speech-language pathologist began to work with him, he was admitted to a kindergarten. Although before that, everyone flatly refused. Little by little, we have learned a lot. After 6-7 cycles, speech began to appear. And just after that – we have a break of 1 year since 3 children were born. Further – 8, 9 cycles – one and a half year break. 10 cycle – again a year and a half break. In fact, we lost 4 years. Why?

It became impossible for me to convince everyone at home about the effectiveness of the treatment. In addition, due to the constant controversy, the results obtained from the treatment at home were almost zero. And here, as the saying goes, “there would be no happiness – but misfortune helped.”

A year ago, Roman had his teeth treated under anesthesia. And any chemistry has a negative effect on him. What happened to him after that was just a nightmare. The behavior became unbearable, stopped sleeping, lost appetite, appeared aggression, enuresis, utensils, and chairs, and everything else flew around the house. I didn’t take him to school for a month. Despite the fact that I have 3 children, I wanted to die.

One day I could not stand it and made a scandal for my husband, saying that I could no longer vouch for myself if he did not go with me for treatment, since at that time I could not cope with Roma alone. Despite being negative, my husband went with me. We went through a hellish cycle together. But after being present at many meetings, seeing everything with my own eyes and hearing with my own ears about the results of other children, about how long they went, my husband completely changed his attitude towards treatment and learned to notice and rejoice at even the smallest.

Today we are completing the 14th cycle. Although after 10 we almost all started over.
And during this year we have gained a lot:

  • he became completely independent, more obedient;
  • learned how to button up;
  • he likes classical music;
  • began to write letters on his own, they began to praise him at school for his diligence;
  • cuts with scissors, makes simple appliqué;
  • he has acquired self-control (sometimes he can restrain himself);
  • is happy when asked to help something;
  • the aggression has passed;
  • to consciously relate to the treatment, to everyday disoriented therapy (walking with sleep masks), he puts on mask himself and walks for a certain time, then takes off to rest and puts it on again;
  • babble appeared;
  • when he offended me during exacerbations, he immediately regretted it (he began to hug, kiss, babble something at that time;
  • MOST IMPORTANT – he treats his sister and brother much better.

Therefore, DEAR PARENTS, never lose hope.

Here we had to go through the process of evolution of a monkey, which will eventually become a man. I see that now my son looks more like a man.
Thank you very much for this!
It was you who taught to fight for your child.

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