Treatment of the autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), Aram
mom Nana, Aram, Kherson, Ukraine

Hello, we are from Kherson. My name is Nana, I am Mom Arama 🖤, the diagnosis is the disorder of the autistic spectrum (races) and I would like to share with you our successes. On the video, you can not pass everything that he can already speak.

We have finished the 6th cycle the treatment in Research Institute. From the 1st to the 4th cycle there were micro improvements but they were. Already after the 4th cycle, and this is 1 course of treatment, and the 5th, the 6th cycle of the child began to appear the words 🙏

I am very grateful to the professor for his work, for everything he did for my son for our family. Aram knows the colors, an English alphabet, vegetables, fruits, geometric shapes, the numbers know a lot more. I myself do not even have time to catch up with him and find out how much he already knows. I became very happy, I really love my son and I am very proud of him well done, but his character is very harmful. While we work with this. As for Aram’s development, we go forward.

Thank you a lot of professor from our whole family!
We will forever remember the work of the professor and we will never forget!

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