Treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and speech developmental delay
mom Lilya, son Vadim 4.5 years old, Ukraine

Treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and speech and language developmental delay. Reviews. I am a mother Lilya, son Vadim 4.5 years old, diagnosed with ASD and RPRD. We passed the 2nd stage of treatment, the results were visible from the first stage. Vadim stopped hitting himself, stopped squinting his eyes. He became interested in animals, became calmer, his eyes even changed, he seemed to understand what was happening around him. The signs of autism (ASD) have disappeared. We can safely go to the store, the craving for long trips has disappeared, if we eat somewhere, we calmly get off the bus without hysterics. Vadim also became more obedient, his understanding of the addressed speech improved, the number of requests he fulfilled increased.

We are grateful to the team of the Research Institute and of course to Professor Vagif Mamedovich Rakhmanov!
For his work, for giving our children a chance for a healthy future.
I wish you health and longevity!

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