Developmental disorders of speech and language
Olga, Dnipro, Ukraine

We are diagnosed with specific developmental disorders of speech and language. We got to Professor Rakhmanov for treatment when Dasha was 2.9 years old. After the first cycle, she began an understanding of the addressed speech began to fulfill simple requests. She has become more calm and assiduous. Already at home, within 3 months, words appeared, many words and sentences that she actively used. We went to a regular kindergarten with speech and language therapy.

Treatment of a specific developmental disorders of speech and language

At the moment we have passed 2 stages. After the second stage, whistling and hissing sounds appeared, and I began to pronounce words more clearly. There were 2-3 word sentences. Asks “What” and “Why” questions.

Many thanks to the professor from our family!!!

Olga, Dnipro, Ukraine

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