The film about the methods of treatment of Professor Rakhmanov

Patients of Professor Rakhmanov tell their stories and share the successful results of the treatment of specific developmental disorders, autism, neurotic disorders, and many others. From Ukraine, Chech, Netherland, Germany, Italy, Holland, USA, Canada, and many other countries, parents with little patients come to Professor Rakhmanov with the hope of a miracle and recovery. The daily hard work of treatment is undertaken not only by doctors but by the parents of small patients and the result comes.

Treatment reviews
Tatiana, Dnipro
Our daughter Polina was diagnosed with a specific developmental delay at the age of 3. Wherever we went, we drank a bunch of drugs, but there was no result. We got to Professor Rakhmanov for treatment of developmental delay when Polina was already 5 years old, I was very worried...
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Natalia, Nastya's mother
Good day! My name is Natalya, I am the mother of the girl Nastenka. In August 2019, my 2.5-year-old girl was diagnosed with grade 3 sensorineural hearing loss, the hearing threshold was 70 dB. This means that she did not hear the speech range at all (20-50 dB), so there...
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Nadia, mom of Levchik, Ukraine
For the first time we turned to Professor Rakhmanov when my son Levchik was diagnosed with childhood autism, cognitive impairment, speech underdevelopment, but in fact its complete absence, he turned 6 years and 2 months and in the same year, immediately after the consultation, from the beginning and almost until...
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