The film about the methods of treatment of Professor Rakhmanov

Patients of Professor Rakhmanov tell their stories and share the successful results of the treatment of specific developmental disorders, autism, neurotic disorders, and many others. From Ukraine, Chech, Netherland, Germany, Italy, Holland, USA, Canada, and many other countries, parents with little patients come to Professor Rakhmanov with the hope of a miracle and recovery. The daily hard work of treatment is undertaken not only by doctors but by the parents of small patients and the result comes.

Treatment reviews
Inna, Artem's mother, 3 years old
The child grows up active, cheerful and kind, but one problem is that he does not hear. We spent almost two years in hearing aids, and one and a half years of classes with a deaf teacher did not bring the desired results ... In 20 days of treatment, Artyom's hearing improved by 10 dB. Opened up new horizons in bone conduction ...
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Gushchina Natalia
Good day, My name is Natalya Gushchina, I live in Mariupol, Donetsk region. Having read all the above, I would like to write a few lines on my own behalf. So that people who are just thinking to contact Professor Rakhmanov do it faster and do not hesitate! Professor Rakhmanov...
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mother Natasha, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine
The diagnosis is cortical blindness. But, I’ll start with the main thing – we were lucky. We managed to identify daughter Margarita for treatment at the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, where we met with a real doctor – a real wizard. This event became in the family...
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