Channel 9 TV report on anorexia treatment

The focus of the TV reportage is on the girl Ira and her mother. Ira was brought to Professor Rakhmanov in a serious condition, she could not eat and even look at food, losing weight day after day. The day after the start of treatment, she asked for food, and after a week of treatment, she even gained more than 2 kg of weight. Ira’s mom shares the details of their medical history and healing.

Treatment reviews
Irina, Kyiv, Ukraine
Treatment of anorexia (Kyiv, Ukraine). My daughter had anorexia. The daughter periodically went on diets. Grooms, fashion – wanted to be slimmer – although not particularly prone to obesity. We didn’t pay attention right away – when he grows up, let him do what he wants, and let it get...
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