Autism. Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Assistance methods. Pros and cons

About the book
This book is one guide to autism for doctors and parents. For the first time, Professor Rakhmanov summarized all the existing concepts of autism, all the methods of treating autism and autism spectrum disorders, as well as ways of providing assistance and rehabilitation for children with autism.

The book, known to a wide range of readers Professor Rakhmanov, which summarizes the results of many years of experience working with children with autism and autistic spectrum disorders.

The book provides a brief historical overview of the concept of autism, the etiology of the concept of autism, as a multifactorial nature of their manifestation of this pathology.

For the first time, Professor Rakhmanov discusses in detail the main signs of the manifestation of autism and the autistic spectrum disorders and the dependence of the manifestation of autism on psychogenic factors in the peri- and postnatal period.

The purpose of this book is to familiarize specialists and parents, relatives of sick children with existing methods of providing assistance and positive and negative impact on children with autism, including a new approach to providing treatment and rehabilitation assistance to children with disabilities, including autism and autism spectrum disorders.

Based on his many years of scientific and practical work, Professor Rakhmanov, from a practical point of view, has defined a new modern classification of autism and the autistic spectrum of disorders.

The book is recommended for parents of children with autism, educators, educators, psychologists, students studying in the field of special education, rehabilitation therapists, as well as a wide range of readers who are not indifferent to the fate of children with disabilities.

Dnipro, RIA “Dnepr-VAL”, 2019

Reader reviews
Seek and don't give up!

Dear readers of the page, once again we came to Vagif Mamedovich’s center for treatment and we continue to collect once again bit by bit our changes in behavior, exacerbations and improvements.

It should be noted that in April this year, on the 7th birthday of 13.04. To my Margarita, the professor gave us an invaluable gift – his latest monograph “Autism and the Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Methods of Helping. Pros and Cons”, where the professor devoted about 10 pages to the story of my daughter.

Reading the pages of the book, where the most complex and interesting stories of patients who are being treated by the professor were described in detail, and with pleasure, I caught myself thinking that we all do not have enough time for treatment and at meetings to hear in such details each of the most interesting stories of becoming and healing our special children.

Margarita with her mother Natalia

Margarita with her mother Natalia

The professor in his book gives the most detailed recipes for how certain families coped with the problems that life presented to them, and the professor helped many not to break, not to break, not to lose faith. None of us got to the professor right from the cradle or from birth, each of us went the hard way to Vagif Rakhmanov and a large circle of specialists, medical centers, research, laboratories, etc.,

We have been looking for this ready-made recipe all over the world for a long time, looking for a paired case, maybe someone has already faced such a problem as my daughter and I, but it turned out that the professor was the first in his book “Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders” to give the opportunity something for a mom or dad who has a special child, read our story and see in it some kind of analog, a ready-made recipe for searching, where you can recognize the signs of particularity and illness early and thus begin treatment much earlier than we did. ..

Seek and don’t give up!

When I read “Wise Words” by Vagif Rakhmanov, some of his phrases became the driving force in our subsequent treatment and life: “A real doctor does not look for patients, they themselves flock to him like bees to honey!” And the wise aphorism that “The mental wounds inflicted by someone especially family members always remain in the depths of my heart,” but thanks to the professor’s treatment, I had the strength to forgive the people who hurt me: the doctor who made a mistake during childbirth and the father of my children who left me with my children when I needed support and helps… it became easier to change the course of life after I managed to let go of the pain and heal the wound.

Thank you, Professor, very much.

Today, more and more special children are born in the world, with different disorders and diagnoses, and it is important to take the right path of treatment on time and not destroy family relationships. My niece, who lives in Poland with her family, after reading the last book of Vagif Rakhmanov wrote me the following lines:

“Family. It would seem a common word, but for each of them it is impossible to experience how many tears will be shed and knees beat. And most of the thresholds that overwhelm modern parents, faced with this situation, give only the illusion of victory over the disease. In this case, medical treatment has serious consequences for the child’s health.

Professor Rakhmanov in his book interprets the “special” child’s mind not as something damaged or spoiled, but as a completely normal human mind in a state of temporary numbness. And with the active participation of relevant specialists and parents, you can unlock this “numbness” and return the child to a normal full life. The author gives recommendations on which educational institutions the child should be sent to and what the psychological atmosphere in the family should be like.

The time when it was possible to hide behind the “secret” of autistic deviations has passed. The number of books published has long exceeded the number of special children. Focusing on the word “special” children, I want to avoid the word “sick”.


Because every one whose children have fallen into the net of this disease must understand that now it has its own special value. In my opinion, the word “family” is a favorite person, comfort, warmth, and understanding. But unfortunately, not everyone has it. This book is about families who have faced problems that have given rise to such perceptions.

Unusual families, special families — it is in them that children are born and began their earthly journey, whose mental abilities are different from others. Children whose upbringing requires hard work, a great desire, and unshakable faith in success. Getting on this path, most of the parents could not imagine how many sleepless nights he proved to them all temporarily, and with targeted, medical and rehabilitation therapy can cure and socially adapt to each child.

And in the hands of Professor Rakhmanov, children get a chance at another life. Life is filled with all the colors that only the world around us can give us. The main task of parents is to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the family, to maintain their own peace of mind and unshakable faith in their child.”

Get a grasp of the last lines and do not unravel your life on threads, from which you knit the life of your special children, secretly unraveling your life on threads, Margarita and I, for example, receive vital yarn and threads for such a healthy and happy life under treatment with a professor Rakhmanov, and we wish you all!

Be healthy and happy!

This book is a lifeline!

A wonderful gift awaited us this time at the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, Psychology, Medical and Social Rehabilitation – a new book by Professor Rakhmanov “Autism. Autistic circle of disorders. Methods of assistance. Pros and cons.”

This book is a lifeline for “parents of sick children lost in the information flow”. When I read the book, everything fell into place in my head. I want to say right away that my granddaughter Yana has a different diagnosis, but this book should be read to all parents of sick children, and for healthy children, there is also a lot of useful information. Vagif Mammadovich describes not only his many years of experience working with children but also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the study of autism by scientists from different countries, with their opposing views on treatment methods.

Vagif Mamedovich Rakhmanov gives types and classification of autism and autistic spectrum disorders. First of all, this will allow specialists to correctly and timely diagnose, and for us, parents, this is very important. The book provides therapies for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with autism.

As a very modest person, Vagif Mamedovich, listing various methods, indicated two of his methods under the numbers 26 and 27 (the most recent):

26. Psychology and its various techniques (psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, autogenous training, etc.) and psychosocial rehabilitation according to the method of Professor Rakhmanov.
Psychophysical, psychophysiological method of treating autism, Professor Rakhmanov

Vagif Mamedovich, dear, respected, beloved by children and parents from different countries and continents! Put your methods first, FIRST! It’s not for nothing that we have gathered here! Nowhere in the world do you have such results! Thank you and a low bow to you for your talent and hard work, for your love for children, your patience, and attention!

I want to tell my parents that only a person who is strong and confident in his work, a real scientist will allow himself to describe various methods, giving the parent the opportunity to choose what his child needs.

The professor constantly emphasizes the need for an individual approach to the treatment of a child, whether it concerns the choice of methodology, the use of medicines, vitamins, diets, vaccinations.

“Advice to parents of sick children” has invaluable help. Here are not only tips for treating a sick child, but also how to build relationships in the family, interaction with friends and relatives.

Of particular importance are the recommendations “What can parents do to help their child?”:

  • Feed your baby the best food
  • Give your child enough clean water
  • Avoid antibiotics
  • Avoid using the microwave
  • Avoid sugar
  • Provide a quiet and peaceful environment
  • Ensure healthy sleep, etc.

For each parent, examples from the personal experience of the professor, photographs, letters, and feedback from parents are of great importance. The research institute has created such a friendly atmosphere when everyone is happy about the positive dynamics of the treatment of each child.

Looking through the book, you can hear: “I know this boy”, “This is our Eve”, “How Polina grew up” – we became one family thanks to our beloved professor!

Thank you, Vagif Mamedovich!
Peace, health, happiness, and prosperity to you and all your family and friends!
All parents are looking forward to your new book.
I was incredibly lucky to read it.

The unparalleled method of treating autism in the world has saved and is saving the lives of thousands of patients

The author of numerous works on psychiatry, Rakhmanov Vagif Mamedovich has released his new book dedicated to the modern disease (gaining momentum) of humanity – Autism. The unparalleled method of treating autism in the world has saved and is saving the lives of thousands of patients.

Also, the scientific layer of the professor’s work is neurosis. The scientist in his works reveals the causal relationship of this ailment, its manifestations, methods of struggle.

Learn from the mistakes of other people's families, thereby you will save your child... Go ahead and do not give up ...

From the first days of our “special” life, I had a lot of questions.

Has the vaccine failed in the development of the child?
Which therapy is effective?
Maybe drugs therapy?

But I never found the answers. I had to try all the options: a bunch of useless techniques, nootropics, which further aggravated the child’s condition.

But apparently we did it for a reason because it was in this way that we found the only technique that gave us a chance for our child’s recovery.

After the first day of treatment, the child slept all night, and I sat over him and did not believe that this could be, at that moment we canceled all the drugs.

Miracle? Not! This is a hard work of a professor who has been developing his own method for years, I want to note — The method of Professor Rakhmanov is non-drugs in order to cure our children.

This method of treatment, which is impossible to describe, tell, but I know for sure that this is our path to recovery. The daily hellish work of the professor and the hellish work and patience of the parents give results.

Now, when I have read the professor’s book “Autism. Autistic spectrum disorder. Assistance methods. Pros and cons. To help parents of sick children who got lost “in the information flow”, I finally found answers to all questions. This book helps parents to protect their children from the trials we have gone through.

Mommy! Learn from the mistakes of other people’s families, thereby you will save your child … Go ahead and do not give up and then you will find the happiness that our family is now experiencing!

“The best doctor takes his life and puts it in the patient’s life. That’s why his treatment is wonderful “

Professor Rakhmanov. Book “Wise Words, Psychological Thoughts and Aphorisms” sychological Thoughts and Aphorisms”

This book is a kind of guide

A new book by the author, professor, honored doctor Vagif Rakhmanov, “Autism. Autistic spectrum disorders. Assistance methods. Pros and cons.” The book is devoted to topical issues of autism in the modern world.

This book has real-life examples of parents facing a diagnosis of autism in their child. Parents who often cannot cope with negative experiences on their own and find themselves in an information vacuum.

Raising such a child is like running a marathon blindfolded – you never know where you will stumble. The parents of these children need support.

This book is a kind of guidebook that will allow you to overcome difficulties on this not easy path.