Anatoly and Daniel, Miami, USA

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Anatoly, we live in Miami, US. I have a grandson named Daniel, diagnosed with autism. Until 3.5 years old, I went with Danny to all doctors, the state allocated a psychologist, conducted classes for the development of the child, but there were no results for improvement. The child was constantly in “his own world” and very rarely returned from there. He never came into contact with us, never looked into our eyes, was always far away in himself.

The doctors said that you don’t worry, the state will pay all the expenses for the maintenance of such a child — until the very pension, but these words made me want to “tear and throw.”

Our good friends told us the mental health rehabilitation center in Dnipro, Ukraine where autism is treated. We immediately contacted by phone and Vagif Mammadovich agreed to take us for a consultation, and later for treatment.

Now Danny is 5 years old, we have already undergone 3 stages of treatment, this is an extensive course of treatment: here is a speech therapist named Daria – daily classes, Daria is very patient, she knows how to approach each child. Comfortable and clean rooms where treatment takes place, there is a dining room with a kitchen, where you can always warm up and eat food. Room for foot and hand massage, sensory room, dance classes, acupuncture, horseback riding, walks with children in the garden.

About the yard, I want to say separately, there is everything for children: children’s swings, slides, a sandpit, scooters, bicycles, squirrels, ducks, peacocks, a beautiful fountain, many fairy-tale characters in the form of small statues, various beautiful trees – in a word, in a home-like way. With the naked eye, you can see how much the professor invests his work on the maintenance of this rehabilitation center. He just lives by this, and I want to remind you that Vagif Mammedovich has been treating little patients seven days a week, seven days a week, for many years.

Today, my grandson: looks me in the eyes, meets me from work, shakes hands like a man, kisses and lets himself be kissed, asks for food and eats on his own, goes to the toilet when he needs. With our help, he dresses, enjoys music, drawing, puts puzzles together — so quickly, we play together. In the morning we do exercises, he loves to look at books very much, the child has become completely different during these 1.5 years.

Before the first stage of treatment, there were a lot of bad habits: the phone did not let go, was taken away with hysteria and tears, hand movement, squinted eyes, walked on socks, uttered strange sounds – all this was gone after the first course, on the 20th day of treatment … To our great regret, today Dani has not yet had a speech, but we really believe that this day will come, we are looking forward to it and are making every effort.

Vagif Mammadovich, I am immensely grateful to you, I want you to know, I consider you a genius specialist, an expert in your field, deserving the highest awards !!!!!

Thank you for helping people every day, year after year, for your difficult, persistent, and noble work !!!

You restore health to people, give hope and faith.
God bless you!!

Anatoly Gaidai
Miami, Florida, US.

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