Autism, hyperhomocysteinemia
Nasta and Prokhor, Sumy, Ukraine

We came for the treatment of autism, hyperhomocysteinemia to Dr. Rakhmanov, when Prokhor was 3.2 years old, in February 2016. I am writing only now, because, with bated breath, my husband and I watched as Prokhor changed before our eyes. At the time of admission, we could be characterized as follows:

– does not respond to its own name
– does not keep eye contact
– speech at the babble level
– not potty trained
– a virtually complete misunderstanding of the addressed speech
– hyperactivity
– huge attention deficit

With this baggage, we entered the 1st cycle of therapy.
When we returned home, all the relatives, guests who came to us, specialized specialists who deal with him, spoke with one voice – Prokhor woke up.

Traveling in minibusses has ceased to be unbearable. Previously, he screamed, tried to run around the cabin.
From all paid kindergartens, part-time groups, children’s early development centers, we were very soon asked to leave, often outright, these institutions.

Since September 2016, Prokhor has been attending a mass kindergarten, the most common group of 35 people.
The child began to hear and understand instructions, requests at an everyday level. According to the teachers, Prokhor caught up with his peers in academic knowledge (a large passive vocabulary).

Finally, I want to share a story that touched us 1.5 years ago:
When we were diagnosed, we were offered to go through a commission for registration of disability. Among the doctors was a geneticist.

We passed all the tests recommended by the doctor and immediately got registered at the Kharkiv Genetic Center. The diagnosis was made of hyperhomocysteinemia. This is a genetic disorder. We have put on very strict diets, we were actually vegetarians. Once every 3 months, a number of expensive tests were taken (amino acid series, homocysteine, urinalysis, immunoglobulin, etc.)

As a result, I myself decided to find out the reason (if possible) and passed in addition to clinical tests – genetic ones. It was found that he has mutations of 2 genes of the folate cycle + lactose intolerance. All this in combination, if you do not adhere to the correction of nutrition, increases the growth of homocysteine ​​in the blood, and thereby increases the intoxication of the body.

We took all kinds of drugs and a complex of vitamins as prescribed by geneticists – as a result, we increased the liver by 2 cm. This is a lot for a baby 2-3 years old. We underwent all this examination before admission for treatment to Professor Rakhmanov. I arrived completely upset, besides another list of complaints.

Now the tests are normal. This is without dietary supplements, without drugs that remove intoxication, without a long list of vitamins (no matter how harmless it may sound). Now he eats everything that he needs by age + kindergarten food, without amendments.

The results of the treatment are visible not only in the words of the jubilant mother but also in the results of analyzes of various laboratories, with the seals of geneticists. By the way, the geneticist who is observing us knows perfectly well where we are being treated, with whom.
She is now coordinating her recommendations with the next cycle of therapy by Professor Rakhmanov.

Thank you, professor!

Prokhor’s mother, Nastya. Sumy, Ukraine

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