Childhood autism, cognitive impairment, speech underdevelopment
Nadia, mom of Levchik, Ukraine

For the first time we turned to Professor Rakhmanov when my son Levchik was diagnosed with childhood autism, cognitive impairment, speech underdevelopment, but in fact its complete absence, he turned 6 years and 2 months and in the same year, immediately after the consultation, from the beginning and almost until the end of April, were first treated.

Of course, there are improvements – the child began to understand the addressed speech better, and he also became, well, very quick – such an impression supposedly the whole body, and his concomitant diagnosis of right-sided hemiparesis in a mild form, became somewhat more elastic, that is, the stiffness passed, the child’s movements became more relaxed, easier.

And now I would also like to write about our first meeting with Professor Rakhmanov, which struck me to the depths of my soul. Before turning to the professor with a request for help, I, as a conscientious mother, perhaps, everything that is on the Internet, reviewed and re-read about this Man. Of course, there were doubts and a lot of reflections … And yet we went for a consultation.

While driving, I imagined a meeting with this person, mentally simulated my line of behavior, and, to be honest, I did not know at all how to behave next to him: either fall on my knees and beg for help or just cry and ask him to heal my child – after all, I was going to a meeting with a man whose name is known in the world, in my understanding I was going to a meeting with a legend man. In my life, I never met people of this magnitude, and, accordingly, I had no idea how to behave.

And how great was my surprise when I saw in front of me a man who behaved simply and who did not sit and did not think how I could please him but thought about how he could help me. He said simply: “Stay, sorry for the child…”

And then it became clear to me that we came to see a doctor from God, he understands his high mission as serving people. He does not look, as, unfortunately, often it happens, how a person can serve him but looks at how he himself can serve a person. So, thanks to Vagif Mamedovich, I came up with a simple formula for how to distinguish a doctor from God from just a doctor …

Thank you for being there.

Best regards, Nadia, mom of Levchik (Lev Nikolaevich)

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