Elena, Kiev

I would like to tell you more about our review of the treatment of autism. The story of how we got to Professor Rakhmanov and what results from we achieved after the first course of treatment.

My daughter Elizabeth was born from her second pregnancy. At the beginning of my pregnancy, as a result of the crisis, I had to change my job. At my new job, I hid my pregnancy from everyone, as I was afraid of losing it. As a result, I was very worried and tired of the new job.

During pregnancy, three times there were threats of breakdown, so I underwent three courses of droppers at the day hospital. I also once got sick with acute respiratory infections with loss of voice, which I have never had before. She tried to be treated with homeopathy, so as not to harm the child. My health was normal, there was no toxicosis. In the last months of pregnancy, an ultrasound scan saw that the fetus had stopped growing. They are taking me on medical control, every day we listened to the heartbeat twice.

The baby was born full-term, healthy, according to APGAR 7-8, weight 2400 kg, height 470 mm. Immediately attached to the breast, discharged on the third day. From two months, a neurologist with a diagnosis of hypoxic-ischemic damage to the central nervous system and syndrome of motor disorders was constantly observed, took CALCIUM HOPANTENATE, massage courses, breast swimming.

At home, the eldest son went to first grade. So I had to start and pick up from school, take me to extra classes, and go to the clinic with Lisa for massages and swimming. Quarrels began with her husband. I get tired, he is at work from morning till night, and on weekends he leaves for the village. The entire housework and childcare robot lay on me. From this, I also experienced stress but tried not to be nervous in order to preserve breast milk.

At the age of 6 months, as a result of ARVI, Liza developed a runny nose, which did not go away after recovery. This led to the fact that she gave up the breast and the bottle, we had to give up swimming, and we had already learned to dive and had to go to the pool. Also at this time, we switched to spoon-feeding. Because of a runny nose, Lisa began to vomit constantly, the feedings turned into a torture for me and for her.

She constantly screamed while eating, all items related to food caused her hysteria. A bib and a chair, if you show it to her, she would start crying. At this time, my husband began to call me a sadist and began to return from work even later, and from the village, he could come not on Sunday as usual, but on Monday late after work. He believed that I was doing everything wrong, he began to annoy me, our communication was reduced to a showdown, we could do not talk for months.

Thanks to the massages, Lisa sat down closer to the year. The runny nose and vomiting continued. At first, we were treated by a pediatrician, we tried all the drops, but it did not help. Then the ENT and the allergist watched us one by one. Everyone proved that it was not his, and sent us to each other. At the age of 1, we were sent to AHMATDET clinic for adenoid removal. The adenoids were never removed but were sent to the surgeon with complaints of vomiting. They did a gastroscopy and saw an esophageal vagus hernia, the cause of our vomiting.

First, we were prescribed medication and observation. The vomiting stopped, but the runny nose remained, and the negative attitude to food too. As for mental development, it was not, but at the same time Lisa, like all children, was mobile, played with toys in her own way, like a 6-month-old child. She liked rattles, for the sound, she thundered, knocked, gnawed with them. She also liked rubber tweeters, only with their help it was possible to attract her attention, she did not respond to the name but turned towards the sound of the tweeter. So we excluded deafness.

She also liked the commercials on TV for chocolate, when it started, Lisa resorted to TV wherever she was. From the sounds, she pronounced individual letters, for example, “DDD” or” BBB”. We continued treatment with a neurologist, and at the age of 1 year 5 month Liza went. As a result of the stereotypical movements she clapped her hands, spinning in one place, she also brought her hand close to her eyes and looked at everything through them. On the street, she loved to rub herself against the trees, from this she was scratched on her face.

After the next examination by the surgeon, they took an x-ray of us and saw that acid wastes from the stomach into the esophagus and one cannot do without an operation. At 1.8 years old, we had an operation, and there I had to hide our snot, but it carried over. After the operation, Liza went into hibernation. I woke her up to feed her, put her on a pot, and from the pot she fell sleepy. At OKHMATDET, a neurologist looked at us and said that Lisa had all the signs of AUTISM. And in order for her to wake up, they prescribed CERAXON. And she gave the coordinates of dr. Martsenkovsky. I don’t remember exactly how much Tserakson we drank, but Liza never woke up, only half a year later everything returned to normal. We got to Martsenkovsky when we were 2.2 years old, where we were examined and confirmed AUTISM, and we were assigned EBIXA and classes according to the program for 6 months. As a result, we learned a few commands and that’s it.

Martsenkosky diagnosed profound mental retardation, advised a gluten-free and milk-free diet, and actually gave us up. I’m stressed again. At night I cried and prayed. Then the local psychiatrist sent us to the hospital in Pavlov’s hospital. There we were prescribed RESPOLEPT. After the drug, behavior deteriorated, tantrums appeared, I constantly had to carry it in my arms, I sat in a stroller on the street and did not want to get out of it, constantly toys in my mouth, if there are no toys, then sucks hands. Woke up hysterical and so on until the evening. I became irritable, stopped communicating with friends, avoided questions about Liza, killed the thought that time was passing, and we were marking time.

I turned to a rehabilitation center for disabled children, the psychologist advised me to contact Professor Rakhmanov. Liza got better after being treated in Dnipro, Ukraine. She began to approach the children, before that she did not notice them. The tantrums did not go away immediately, but after the needles, she is always in a good mood, she laughs, runs. At dances to the music, turns his head.

A week after the treatment, I could already leave her in the playroom with the teacher and other children, and she did not shout there but played or sat on the couch. Also on treatment, during our improvement, Lisa woke up with a smile and did not scream all day. The first time she showed that she was thirsty. And the diaper after the night is almost dry, but at home, I had to put on 2 at a time, and then they leaked.

Personally, Professor Rakhmanov gave me the most important thing, hope for a full recovery, and I don’t need anything else. After arriving home, Lisa became calmer, there are no tantrums at all. On the street we walk on foot, no longer asks for hands, asks to be taken by the hand. Howls a little more, but without hysterical notes. She learned to climb out and climb into the bed, now when she wakes up she climbs out and comes to us.

Also, under the guidance of the professor, we learned to eat ourselves. And before Liza never asked for food, she had no appetite, she just opened her mouth and swallowed everything that I put there. I thought she didn’t taste because she didn’t have a favorite food. All food for her was like grass, she did not give preference to sweet, salty, or bitter. And now, when she tasted the curd, I saw how much she liked it, with what appetite she ate it, smacked it with her tongue, and then, when she tasted the compote from the drinking bowl, she held the cup herself with two handles. This is a real miracle.

Now I can see that she tastes, that she has a favorite food. This is our greatest achievement. But now I know what she loves and what does not. And even if not everything in the spoon she brings to the mouth, but she herself!

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