Ekaterina, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

I’d like to share my story and give feedback on the treatment of autism and how our family got to professor Rakhmanov. Professor Rakhmanov’s autism treatment began just over 1 year ago, in April 2018. I will try to describe everything briefly.

Like all parents, they knocked on all doors, looking for help. After an empty visit to doctors, my spouse and I became disillusioned with all the specialists, and at a home council, it was decided that there were no doctors! No medicine! Only a lesson with teachers.

But I have a friend Elena, who for 2 years, at that time, went to professor Rakhmanov, and for 2 years I regularly heard her stories that after each trip to Vagif Mamedovich, she sees changes in her child and that the method of treatment Professor Rakhmanov is working. But my “No” was firmly in my head.

In March 2018, my friend Elena told me that in early April she and her daughter were going to Dr. Rakhmanov, and they began to persuade me to go and try. My answer was categorical – you are helping you and go, get off me. One Sunday in March, after another conversation with a friend about her departure to Dnipro, I went to the church (church). Usually, I only thank God, but that day I knelt in front of the icon of Jesus Christ and talked with him.

My words were: God, I am your child, my child is your child. If you decide that my daughter should be what she is, so be it! If you decide otherwise, so help me, do something.
In the morning, I don’t know what prompted me, first of all, I picked up the phone and called Elena and said: Lena, I’m going with you to the professor, please write to him, ask, he will take us for treatment. This is our story.

And now, I’ll tell you about our success after treatment. After the first cycle, we started walking long distances, before that we had to mostly carry it on our hands. The child has new words, and most importantly, we stopped hurting. Before the trip to Vagif Mamedovich, we were ill for three weeks a month.

At the moment, for 7 years and 10 months and we can read, we write competently under dictation, we tell fairy tales, however, the simplest ones and with my prompting, she sings songs, try to express her requests, she dances with all the children at matinees in the garden, dancing in pairs. Keeps the count up to 10 and in the opposite direction.

After the 3rd course of autism treatment with professor Rakhmanov, our daughter stopped pulling out her hair, biting and banging her head against the wall. In fact, we have a lot of things, a very long list.

I myself came to Dr. Rakhmanov to treat hearing and vision impairments. After the 3rd trip, my hearing was completely restored, the eczema on my hand disappeared. We are incredibly happy that thanks to a doctor from God, our child is going to recover. When the child is healthy, then the parents are happy too.

Ekaterina Bukhovskaya, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

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