Autism. Developmental delay disorders
Mother Oksana, Kiev

Treatment for Autism reviews. I want to tell you how our autism treatment was carried out.
The son is 4.3 years old, the diagnosis is Autism, by the way, Autism is not diagnosed, but they are diagnosed with ASD and development delay disorders.

Childbirth – normal natural on time at the 40th week, the son has rated 8-9 points on a scale, there were no particular problems.
At 2 months, the neurologist watched – everything was fine, the child was developing normally: at 7 months – sat down, at 11 months – began to walk, at 1 year there were conscious words – Mom, WaWa, Bye.

At 1.1 months – there was antibiotic poisoning and for 5 days they put on a dropper, he screamed, cried in pain, generally got stress, then the state returned to normal, but I noticed that my son was not quite like everyone else, but I thought that he would grow up – he would grow wiser, and so the doctors said.

At 2.5 years old – he knew where the dog was, where the cat was, he asked me something, and then we got vaccinated, and after it deteriorated, tantrums began, speech began to go away, somehow began to withdraw more into himself, into They consulted psychiatrists for 3.5 years.

Before treatment with professor Rakhmanov, they were treated for six months with medicines: Calcium, Gopantenat, Somazina, Redazin, Rispolept — the child became just mad.

Before treatment with pills, there was no aggression at all, he began to beat the children, at home he pounced on us, splintered, beat, I saw that this was not consciously, but because of the drugs, I called the doctor, I said that such a reaction and she said that the dose of the sedative should be increased, and this frenzy began precisely from Redazin — a sedative (at first it held him, and then it let go and he did not realize what he was doing), Somazina — strongly discouraged — one running around, and screams — the son stopped even watching cartoons, not to mention the fact that put him down to study, stopped playing with toys.

I decided not to listen to the doctor and just stopped giving the medicine, the child calmed down a little, but tantrums started, I still didn’t watch cartoons, just running back and forth, hitting the children, stopped eating, in the evening he became like a small animal, and the behavior and look was like that.

A friend advised me to go and try treatment with professor Rakhmanov, gave me the phones of several mothers who traveled with their children for the treatment of autism and mental retardation – everyone is happy, I decided and went.

And now almost 3 months have passed, our results after the 1st course of treatment for autism, and now: such strong tantrums as they were before stopped, there is less stereotypical running, along one line – forward, backward.

Sleep became good – he sleeps all night, there are fewer bouts of aggression, one can say almost none at all. He began repeating words or syllables after them, watching cartoons, films and even some programs, trying to play with children without pushing them as before, became more independent.

He tries to dress, he became more obedient, patient, observant, he began to better understand the speech addressed, perform tasks, the pointing gesture improved, he turns to us – mom, dad, shouts less, gait has improved – almost does not walk on tiptoe at all, only sometimes, rarely.

Fine motor skills have improved – she sticks small stickers according to shapes, builds a path from sticks, rotates the mouse wheel free from the computer, folds a mosaic, plays simple children’s computer games.

He became more smart – he is interested in toys that need to be put into action – he controls a radio-controlled typewriter, goes to sleep separately on his bed, and before he went to bed only with us, became more neat and tidy, plays with toys, helped decorate the Christmas tree, adds pictures from 3 -x, 4-piece, started cycling.

He works well with a speech therapist, he has an interest in classes, repeats more, understands the meaning of tasks. We also go to group classes – there he also does a great job — glues draws himself a man, a typewriter, understands the meaning of the pictures, understands questions, and performs tasks.

Mom Oksana, Kiev

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