Childhood autism
Mom Tanya, Brovary.

Childhood Autism Treatment. Feedback. I will try to be as short as possible. Before our treatment with Professor Rakhmanov, Ilyusha spoke about 15 words: ma, pa, ba, VA, GO AWAY, WALI (to walk), CAD-CAD (a candy), SWI-SWI (to swim), etc. And then “said” it is said loudly – he pronounced it only as a last resort. He could be silent for days, we heard him only in the classroom with a speech-language therapist, mostly hummed and poked his finger.

He already knew the whole alphabet and read the syllables, counted to 5, but stubbornly did not use words, did not play with the children, in the kindergarten, he usually sat on the sidelines himself, did not participate in matinees. The kindergarten speech therapist did not even work with him, although Ilyusha goes to a speech therapy group and this is her duty, she put an end to him and did not even take money to deal with him.

To buy Ilya new shoes, I went to the store with someone … it was impossible to try on new shoes for him, yelled, struggled, tore off new shoes, kept Ilya trying on four of us or bought at random. If something hurt him, one could only guess what and why. He was not interested in cartoons, played only by trains or buses resembling subway cars. I kept putting something in a chain and rolling it under the sofa … FOR HOURS!

Ilyusha was born desired, from the first pregnancy, developed normally, there were no oddities, he began to speak, but at 1 year 8 months. got a DPT vaccine and he began to change before our eyes. He became withdrawn, detached, hysterical, sometimes aggressive. He stopped saying the words that he had said without difficulty before. I got hung up on one game, stereotypes appeared.

Childhood autism treatment, the 1st course

Already on the 4th day of treatment, Ilya started babbling, new words “HT-HT” (hot), “WT-WT” (wet), patient (crying), #ET-ET# (eat), etc. During the first 10 days of treatment, the vocabulary increased 3 times and he actively began to use speech. He commented on all his actions. In Dnipro I have relatives and I lived with Ilya with them (my parents and sister with my husband and 2 nephews).

The eldest Danka is 8 years old – he plays hockey. The youngest is 2 years old. On the third day of treatment in the evening, I took Danya to a training session and Ilya asked to see him. The coach allowed. I almost cried with joy. Ilya ran around the stadium with the boys, walked like a goose step, did push-ups. The coach put us on the team. Ilya, of course, performed only 10% of all commands, BUT HIS INTERESTED IN SOMETHING !!! on the 4th day of treatment, we were able to put SKATS on Ilya without hysterics, tears and crying !!! NOT-HIMS’ !! INCONVENIENT !!! BOOTS ARE STRANGE SMELLING !! We put him on the ice and since the third training session, Ilya has already skated without the help of others.

I still went out on the ice with him, controlled his behavior on the ice. He did not pay much attention to the coach yet, but he watched with interest how the boys were skating, looking for where in this mass of mini hockey players Daniel was and constantly commenting on “fell”, “WAWA”, etc. On the 7th day of treatment, Ilya started watching cartoons “Masha and the Bear” and “Chuggington Trains”, listening to music, his favorite songs appeared. Not only watched cartoons but also copied some of the actions of their heroes.

He began to play with cars, fought for them with his younger brother, then put up, kissed, and tried to play together. He began to hold the spoon tighter (before he could not bring food to his mouth, it fell out of the spoon), he began to eat himself, began to eat vegetables and fruits. Upon returning to the garden, he participated in the matinee, danced, and tried to sing along with the children. He calmly put on his New Year’s costume and did not even take off the gnome’s cap (it was unrealistic to put something on his head before). Our vocabulary was constantly growing while we were at home.

Childhood autism treatment, the 2nd course

I want to note right away that in the 2nd year I set out to gain the maximum number of hours in a sleep mask. No one believed that Ilya passed at least an hour in it, neither my husband nor my grandmothers, no one … and even I did not believe that Ilya could bear it. I decided without emotions and assumptions – every day to add an hour if I even need to tie it until I get used to it.

The first few days I held his hands, Ilya yelled, breaking his voice, scratching, struggling, and his and my hands were all bruised and abraded up to the elbows. But when he took off the mask, I put it on and we played “Panas-Panas” .. the brothers helped, took turns wearing the mask and Ilyusha took it as a game.

On the 4th day, I almost did not cry, I almost did not take breaks, they gained 10 hours. Ilya became more attentive, sometimes he began to speak phrases of 2 words. I began to communicate more with others, hearing and sense of smell sharpened phenomenally. Blindfolded, he recognized me by the scent of the back of his hand. This despite the fact that I do not wear rings, does not smoke and does not use hand cream (there is any bright, specific smell), there are no long nails, etc.

Ilya began to play with his brothers like an ordinary child, laughed, chased each other, folded a railway, built houses from blocks, the word “NOW” appeared. He began to show adults who offended him if he himself could not defend his interests.

In hockey training, he began to listen and repeat the instructions of the coach. I started to take off my boots and put on skates myself, I lace up. On the ice, he no longer holds onto the side of my hand, sometimes I even ran away from the rink and Ilya was on the ice without my mother. Runs after the team, and not in the very tail, but overtook 2 of their boys. The coach himself is surprised at this progress. He said that another month or two and we will give Ilya a stick! Even the look has changed.

He began to sing along with songs from cartoons. To dance. Even more actively uses speech and comments on the actions of others. The word “sonny” appeared … sonny singing, give a kiss, need a kiss, Asks to eat, specifying what exactly: a little bite macaroni (pasta) and meat. The appetite was incredible. He eats almost everything himself.

He himself began to dress, put on shoes, and undress. There is an interest in classes, he reads letters on signs while driving in a car, counts candies and apples. The new word “krassi” appeared – meaning a beautiful. Now I myself don’t know what might interest him, Ilya constantly surprises us, says something, jokes, pays attention to completely unexpected things.

At the moment, I have absolutely no doubt that Ilyusha will go to a regular school. And higher education, if he wants, is also not a problem for him. He’s a bit eccentric, but a healthy boy!

To be completely objective, I want to say that while we were wearing glasses, Ilya began to sleep poorly, did not fall asleep until 1-2 a.m., rushed around the apartment with cars and trains, and I picked him up at 6-7 in the morning. He doesn’t sleep at lunchtime.

He learned from one of the children to pinch and squeak loudly for no reason, sometimes he began to shout sharply. But we have been at home for several days … the belt, the corner … and it took off like a hand. Sleep has already returned to normal. Today I went to the garden for the first time after treatment. In the garden, I did not say where we were, I can wait for what they tell me, I’m sure the teachers will notice the changes in Ilya. Now they are preparing a matinee for March 8th. I will definitely unsubscribe how everything goes.

I forgot to add .. just yesterday there was an unexpectedly new favorite toy – SpongeBob. My mom gave it to him for the company with Dania, and Ilya liked him so much !!! He puts Bob’s fingers into fists, pokes them in the side, and says “box-box”, then closes his eyes with these pens and says “singing”. Stomps his feet on the floor “top-top”. These are the first such role-playing mind games. She puts Bob to sleep, covers him with a blanket, and laughs.

With full confidence, without too much flattery, I can say that if we had not been treated for autism by Professor Rakhmanov, Ilya would have expected a special. school and disability. For the second year already, the district psychiatrist has been chasing me to put Ilya on record. I sent him and stole all the documents from the local clinic home. We do not go there at all, we are treated by private owners for insurance.

I don’t know if I could normally, without resentment and anger, bring up and love Ilya. I can’t even imagine such a future. I didn’t know how to behave with him, what to do, how to communicate. He ran around the apartment like a neighbor’s dog, busy with his own business, only he understood things. I already forgot how it was.

Do not brand your children !! Fight. Tune in to the result, and it will definitely be. Do not waste your energy on reasoning “how can this help .. what is it necessary …?” etc.

Mom Tanya, Brovary, Ukraine

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