Atypical autism
Natalia, Dnipro

Hello all,
It is our review of treatment atypical autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by professor Rakhmanov.
Our complaints before treatment: complete lack of speech, even babbling, lack of attention. Hyperactivity: ran around the apartment, could not calm down, did not walk by the hand on the street. Obsessive movements: gnashing of teeth, jumping, waving hands. Sleep problems: during the day it was impossible to sleep at all. Neurosis, stereotyped actions, there is only one road to the kindergarten, only to the group. The child did not repeat a word or action, there was no pointing gesture (he didn’t point a finger even when asked to show what he wanted), distanced himself from children and adults, constant screams and nerves, hysterics, encopresis.

We turned to professor Rakhmanov, as to the last resort. To shrug off responsibility, guilt. They say that they have already tried everything that, in principle, is not far from the truth (the neurologists whom they turned to have already stopped counting, two psychiatrists, grandmothers, grandfathers, 3 courses of treatment with nootropics, osteopath = chiropractor, 1 year of classes with a speech therapists and 3-4 times a week with a defectologist). In general, hands have already dropped. The child is 4 years and 2 months old. There is no hope of “outgrowing” and “talking”. And the advice to develop fine motor skills and “not understand” was already causing frank irritation.

And so we received treatment from Professor Rakhmanov with a diagnosis of atypical autism, autism spectrum disorder.
Kirill had a severe aggravation. Two weeks after the first cycle of treatment with Dr. Rakhmanov, Kiryusha spoke, or rather called: “Mom!” Then, like a snowball, he began to repeat more and more words, became smarter, more assiduous, calmer, more obedient.

Our review of treatment atypical autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by Professor Rakhmanov

He graduated from the 1st grade, learned to read, write dictations.

Our review of treatment atypical autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by Professor Rakhmanov

Our review of treatment atypical autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by Professor Rakhmanov

Naturally, it is not always easy with a child. There is not enough experience and basic information about the treatment of autism (atypical autism, autism spectrum disorder), how to behave, how to speak, how to practice.

We only regret one thing – that we turned to professor Rakhmanov late. Until the gap is compensated, years will pass. We went through 4 cycles, a lot of work. And, to paraphrase the words of professor Rakhmanov, one cannot hope for a miracle.


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