Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and specific developmental disorders of speech and language
Akhmedova Ekaterina, mother of Amir, Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan

Hello! I want to share my experience of treatment with my son Amir by Professor Rakhmanov with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), specific developmental disorders of speech and language, sensory alalia. Our boy was 3 years 10 months old at the time of the first visit. First came to a neurologist at 2.2 years old. We went to a mass kindergarten, gave recommendations to a doctor. Since my husband and I are doctors ourselves, we went without hesitation. And then we are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and they say – I hope you go to a regular school … Then I became in the stupor and feels like life-ending. For more than a year I could not get out of depression, terrible thoughts, tears, tantrums, every minute I blamed myself. I just didn’t know. What for? and the worst thing is suspense…

We began to visit different neurologists from the most expensive to those who just said what we wanted to hear. More than 10 specialists passed, but they were left without an adequate diagnosis. The only thing that we began to do after the first neurologist at 2.2 years old was to visit a child psychologist, which is what we are doing to this day.

At 2.9 y.o, we finally found our doctor, and we continued to wait and hope. The new diagnosis is a specific developmental disorder of speech and language with autistic features, sensory alalia is questionable. At the age of 3, we began treatment with nootropics, in 10 months we underwent 4 courses of Cortexin, Encephabol, Tanakan, Cavinton, etc.

Injections, tablets, and syrups every 3 months. The result is tantrums, hyperactivity and that’s it 😑😑😑. There were, of course, small shifts, but now it dawned on me that it was due to time, he just grew by himself. Classes with a psychologist practically did not give a result, and we did 5-6 hours a week. Yes, we learned to sit in class, play with toys, eat, etc., but every class was a pain for me, he screamed like crazy as if he was being beaten. And I sat and roared under the door and did not give him the appearance that I felt sorry for him. For 3 months we were engaged in the ABA therapy in the out-out center. Continuous training as soon as we finished the course it got even worse. Memory is null, did not remember anything. We’ll learn something in a week, we don’t know anything again, and so all the time in a circle. I have a lot to tell, but let’s move on to the process itself:

And so at the time of admission to the clinic for the first stage.
Before treatment we had:

  1. Misunderstanding of the addressed speech
  2. Lack of speech and sound imitation
  3. Constant vocalization (humming mmmmm all the time) is very annoying
  4. Not following simple instructions
  5. Does not go to the toilet on his own (pulls by the hand)
  6. Lack of satiety (eating non-stop)
  7. Disgust
  8. Stereotype of jumping, running, swinging arms, etc.
  9. Not sociable, only with mom and even then not really needed
  10. Poor and restless sleep 7 hours
  11. A lot of fears
  12. Doesn’t like to walk (on hands)
  13. He does not hear what they are saying and does not pay attention to the name
  14. Hyperactivity
  15. Spontaneous hysterics from scratch
  16. Mom, Dad does not speak
  17. Loves loneliness and lives in his own world…

It seems this list can be continued for a long time …
We learned about Professor Rakhmanov from the Internet, we were looking for any way out to save our boy🙏🙏🙏
And here is the very first site about something impossible, a review of the professor. After the first response, I told my husband — We have to go. We began to collect information, all night I rummaged through the Internet and looked for only positive words as if I was clinging to every word. I read the reviews of mothers and honestly, I cried with happiness for these children and mothers whom the professor gave a chance for a normal life жизнь.

Of course, I also read the reviews where it was written and something negative, but it did not bother me anymore.
I didn’t care how they would treat me, what I needed to do. I’m ready – I decided for myself …
On the second day, they called the clinic and started getting ready.

The road is very difficult, we traveled 80 hours by train with 3 changes. Can you imagine what it is like with a baby who does not sit at all, the train did not go without a scandal with the conductors, since it is impossible to explain to everyone that your baby does not understand that he is going for treatment for 2 days on the way. And this, of course, could not leave me indifferent and I was even more tuned in to the result.

We arrived and on the same day went to the clinic, we were greeted on the threshold of the honey. staff with a question – Who are 😂😂 ??? My husband says we are from Kazakhstan and we won’t budge anywhere until we get to the professor 😂😂🙈.
We did not expect anything from people, because no one owes us anything … We only hoped that it would be easier for Amir, that everything would work out and we would live happily 🙏🙏🙏.

From the very first day, I began to listen attentively to every word that is said not only by the professor but also by the parents of the children who are being treated there. Every day I am filled with admiration and a feeling of joy that I am here. That I am finally in my place, where everyone who is present understands me. It is a very soulful place here where Vagif Mammadovich rules over miracles.

And thank God, the result was not long in coming:
From the first day, Amir began to sleep for 10-12 hours. As if I hadn’t slept for a week 😂😂.

3rd day.
First appeal – Mom, I thought at first a coincidence, but not, now I’m Mom 😍😍😍.

4th day.
The husband said – son, put on slippers, the floor is cold. The child silently went into another room, pulled on his slippers, and came. Although before that he had no idea what a sneaker was. We were shocked ли stood and smiled.

Day 5.
The husband was going to leave and played with his son, and then we noticed a mutual game. During the game, syllables were said that you would not believe, he began to repeat. Our happiness knew no bounds – spontaneous conscious repetitions – this is a great start🙏🙏🙏. He began to approach the children, then touch someone, then stroke. He was constantly smiling, having fun, and wanted to play. Began to ask for toys. He stopped whining. Vocalization was gone by 60% by the end of treatment. They began to eat well.

For 20 days, Amir grew 6 cm, it’s hard to believe, but it’s a fact. We arrived in overalls with “rolled” pants 7-8 cm and left with short ones.

7 day.
For treatment, he just got up and silently went to the toilet, went and came. Now he goes to the toilet on his own and does not even need help. Perseverance appeared, we immediately started the classes and they gave the slightest results, but shifts 🙏🙏🙏.

By the 15th day of treatment, he stopped crying on pins and needles. We went out into the street and he seemed to come to life – everything became interesting to him. He looked as if he could not get enough of devouring his eyes all around 😂😂😂😂.
We began to walk 3-4 hours a day, he just stamped his feet and looked around !!!

We slept, ate, and walked while he was very happy 😊😊😊. In recent days, in the sensory room, he already boldly stood on a rug with needles until 50s, although for the first week he did not touch them and ran away. He began to sit silently at the meetings and observe the professor😂😂. Children feel it. The professor has a wonderful book that you should definitely read, it is a must for every parent who faces such a problem. On the Internet, you can find a review about what the professor is experiencing the parents, about what makes them buy books, about what may not even come to you, etc. So – THIS IS FULL BAD! Professor Rakhmanov is a man with a huge heart and soul !!! I am grateful to fate that I met you !!!

Thank you for what you are doing for each of your patients, for being with us with all your heart всем.

Now more about the book, it is called Autism. Autistic Circle Disorder. Assistance methods. Pros and Cons . Before the trip, I started looking for this book in Kazakhstan but did not find it. In the first 5 days of my stay, I took to read this book from neighbors. For 2 nights while Amirka slept, I read diligently, this book absorbed me. Finally, I began to understand what was happening with my baby, and most importantly, I gained confidence that I did the right thing to come, confidence in my child, and in our success !!!

The book contains a lot of reviews that help in a moment of despair. If you have a moment of despair and you feel sorry for yourself or the baby, you open and read what the professor’s patients had to go through and what work he did for these children, what work the parents put in and bad thoughts will immediately let go of you. A week later, I purchased this book for my family, firmly decided that everyone should know this … That everyone should know about our miracle doctor … I began to sleep with this book 😂😂😂 I constantly reread the reviews of my parents and am just happy with their success.

On account of the fact that the professor does not come to you or does not accept you as an ordinary doctor, I can say so – This is an unusual doctor this is our Miracle Doctor and he just has no time to run after everyone and us, if you need something, approach the professor and ask him will not refuse anyone.

He just has his own time when you can contact him otherwise he will not be able to treat our kids if he runs after their parents 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

It was clear to me from the first day. I don’t look at the doctor or his attitude. I only look at the result, as well as the success of hundreds of people. And this is a high result and indicator !!! the rest is not important to me !!! I don’t think that any of us need to jump around you, but there was no result. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

In our “problem”, the contact time is very important, so do not waste time on flattery of other specialists, we have passed it.

Today is exactly one month after the end of stage 1.
And here’s what we have now:

  1. Good speech performance
  2. About 10-15 words
  3. Self-reliance
  4. Perseverance and results from classes. (Our psychologist says that during this month Amir made more than 2 g of visits, he seemed to know everything but could not show or do)
  5. Speech comprehension – very good results. Follow simple instructions
  6. Playing with children (good success in kindergarten)
  7. Every day there is something new, he repeats everything himself, he comes up with something 😂😂 he is a hooligan, but you know this deliberate pampering and it pleases.
  8. He finally began to recognize us, even when you wave from the window, he sees and hears. Before you had to tug
  9. Response to the name 85%, was 0
  10. Stereotypes have passed
  11. Vocalization passed
  12. Spontaneity in repetition of words
  13. No disgust
  14. Dresses by himself
  15. He understands a lot and finds his bearings in a situation without prompts, etc.

When we arrived home, of course, everyone was waiting for us. We went into the apartment, and here are 2 grandmothers. Amir did not know what to do with happiness, he seemed to want to eat them and his beloved apartment 😂😂😂. And the grandmothers could not get enough of them.

Now, this is an adult kid who understands everything and wants to develop. Yes, of course, we are still lagging behind in development, but I understand that all the omission must be made up of our work. 3 times a week he studies with a psychologist and over the past month I have never heard from a specialist what he did not do, it happens that he does not fully understand, but these are not stupid classes.

Now we calmly show all the animals, we know the colors, we know a lot of objects, etc. Parents need to work on this, but do not expect a miracle that you will undergo treatment and everything will fall right into your head 😊🙈.

In March, we will have the 2nd stage of treatment with the professor, I look forward to him 🙏🙏🙏.
Every day my baby gives something new. Do you know what is most important??? The fact that I finally feel maternal happiness, my son only at 3.11 years old began to hug me, kiss me, smile at me and really need me 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I think many mothers with this problem will understand me …

If I had a mouthpiece 📢📢📢📢 through which it was possible to convey information to the whole world about our Miracle Doctor, I would yell at him like an abnormal one around the clock 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈.

The professor has a lot of patients from different countries with different diagnoses and difficulties. Those who have visited him at least once will definitely return because there is a result.

Mom, dear, if you have such problems with your baby and have the opportunity to go to the professor, go right now, do not waste time, the most precious thing is wasted time. And if there is no possibility, then look. Your kid needs a professor.

If you have any questions, you can write to me at any time of the day or night, I will definitely answer you:
+77013527949 Ekaterina (Astana).

Remember that you must be tuned in to the result and to work with the child, nothing falls from heaven (only bricks 😂😂😂🙈). You will see the result and achieve what you want !!! And the professor will help you !!!! Health to all kids and mummies have patience, strength, and faith !!!!

For the hundredth time, I want to thank you Vagif Mamedovich for what you have done for every baby !!!!

May God grant you health and long long life !!!

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