Specific developmental disorders of speech and language and developmental disorder of motor function
Natalia, Kyiv, Ukraine

My name is Natalya, daughter Daria, she is 6 years old. The diagnosis in a child: specific developmental disorders of speech and language and developmental disorder of motor function.

Everyone has their own pain … … I always asked myself: why me ?, why did this happen to me?, why my child?, why? It is difficult and painful to realize one thing – that almost all doctors do not care about the child. Wherever we went, but it all came down to one thing – these are pills and medications, from which even greater difficulties and complications arose. Once in Kyiv, we met with a wonderful woman, a speech therapist, who was originally from the Dnieper and it was she who recommended Professor Rakhmanov. Of course, we immediately turned to Dr. Rakhmanov. For the first time, we entered when Dasha was 2 years 8 months old.

Specific developmental disorders of speech and language and developmental disorder of motor function. Natalia, Kyiv, UkraineSpecific developmental disorders of speech and language and developmental disorder of motor function. Natalia, Kyiv, Ukraine

A little history

Child from the first pregnancy. Pregnancy up to 6 months was normal. At 25 weeks experienced severe emotional stress. At 27 weeks, she was hospitalized with renal colic and the threat of termination of pregnancy to the antenatal clinic in the department of pathology of pregnant women. After 4 weeks of treatment, she was discharged with the conclusion of the thinning of the placenta. At 32 weeks, she was hospitalized in the antenatal clinic in the department of pathology of pregnant women with the conclusion of intrauterine growth retardation, lack of oxygen, and nutrition.

Dasha was born prematurely at 35 weeks, weighing 1800 grams. by Caesarean section, due to a violation of the fetal heart rhythm. Apgar 7-7b. On the 7th day, we were transferred to the department of pathology of newborns in the regional children’s hospital. No pathology was revealed. At 5.5 months. d / h: syndrome of tonic disturbances, as a result of hypoxic-ischemic damage to the central nervous system. Increased muscle tone in the arms and legs, difficult breeding in hips joints. Emphasis on the feet on the toes. Treatment: massage, Pantocalcin, Glicised, paraffin in the form of boots on the arms and legs, electrical stimulation of the back and buttocks, exercise therapy. In a personal conversation, the head of the department told me that “you will have cerebral palsy”.

Since 8 months we have been visiting the Center for Pediatric Orthopedics and Rehabilitation in Nikolaev every day. At 9 months of age, neurosonography revealed ventriculomegaly, cysts in the ventricles of the brain. Treatment provided in the rehabilitation center: massage, exercise therapy, swimming pool, electrical stimulation, laser, sensory room, teacher, speech therapist, music lessons, Сortexin, Сerebrocurin, Сeraxon.

Dasha sat down at 10 months old, started walking at 1 year and 10 months. In July 2013, an MRI scan of the brain was done, as they explained to me, there was radiation in the ventricles, a consequence of brain hypoxia.

I would like to share our achivement on the 7th cycle of treatment

SPEECH (phrasal + simple sentences)

  • active vocabulary is increasing every day
  • learned to guess riddles
  • I learned to pronounce the letters K, X, U, there is nothing left – it’s Z, I, L, R, Y
  • learning to give detailed answers to questions
  • describes with pleasure the events that happened to her (every day before going to bed tells what happened to her that day)
  • game activity has improved (constantly mumbling something to his toys)
  • on the fly catches and repeats not only new words, but also speech patterns
  • asks questions (more learned by now)
  • speaks softly (but! if she needs something screaming at the top of her lungs!)
  • improved thinking, logic


  • she is crazy about children, loves to play with them. All over the playground she gathers children and pulls them to me to get to know each other (I used to be very much afraid of children).
  • she loves communication not only with children, but also with adults. So far he cannot have an open conversation with them, it is clear that he is very shy, but behaves differently with relatives (grandparents).


  • fine and gross motor skills improved
  • learned to tie a knot
  • learned to somersault
  • coordination improved (now I watch her running around the site and remember how I crawled after her and supported her constantly, I was afraid that she would fall!)
  • rides independently on a two-wheeled bicycle, avoids obstacles.
  • independently writes the number 1, 2, 3,4
  • became more flexible
  • goes to dances and the requirements for her are the same as for healthy children! (I don’t want to feel sorry for her! She will immediately feel it and stop trying!)
  • began to walk more with her, less tired


  • improved appetite (especially in the evening)
  • eats with a spoon on his own, sometimes uses a fork
  • helps to set and clear the table
  • cooking together
  • learned how to eat chopped fish or meat steak (for me this is a VERY big improvement since she ate everything that was grated and it was a huge problem for me)

She ate it with appetite, but with great care, as if she was afraid of something. We all know that poor nutrition has a tremendous effect on the body. So, imagine what happens to the kitty if it does not get enough dietary fiber, fruits, vegetables and grains. We still have intestinal problems, but I know that everything will improve when the correct nutrition is returned.
– eating soft cookies “Barney Bear” on the street. We ate a regular bun last night. Also, she began to eat a sliced banana.

The process has started … I’m very happy!

Thank you very much to Dr. Rakhmanov for so hard daily work.

We are looking forward to our next meeting,
Natalia Luda, Kyiv, Ukraine
phone: +30637589019

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