Early childhood autism
Mom Lubov

I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Vagif Mammadovich Rakhmanov for my current son. To those who do not believe, to those who doubt, this post is dedicated. So I’ll start over.

Long-awaited pregnancy, hurray! All is well, I feel good. Delivery on time. Zhenya shouted at once, home for 3 days. We are happy all is well. He started sat down and walking at the right time. But… Why doesn’t it show with a finger ??? Why doesn’t he look in the eyes ???? … Why doesn’t he respond to the name ???? … Eats certain things, doesn’t chew, turns away from sweets and cookies ???? … ??
We ask all doctors. Diagnosis – early childhood autism. They suggest to us use nootropics drugs. Naturally, life stopped all meaning, in my head – Why, Why exactly we, No, This cannot happen to us, This is a mistake!!!

But in the end, you perceive reality and begin to act. We drank all these drugs, only the health of our son worsened. We look for information on the Internet, how ???… how to help?! And then, purely by chance, I came across responses from mothers, what their children had, and what happened. Wow… I thought, yes we need to go there. God brought us to the professor!

And here is more detailed …
We got treatment with the professor when we were 2.2 years old. Zhenya did not understand the speech at all, did not speak (there were not even syllables) not the slightest imitation, did not respond to a name, there was no pointing gesture, eye contact, did not react to anything, did not chew, ate food that was grinded by a blender and only had a liquid consistency, enuresis, encopresis both day and night, and it doesn’t matter where. I was afraid of other people’s premises, if they tried to go somewhere hysterical was with vomiting, often vomited, walked only on a certain route only on hands or in a stroller, drank only from a bottle and then only with one new one did not fit, a mug, a straw did not take at all.

I was afraid of barking dogs, mooing of cows (we live in the village and keep cows), frequent tantrums, covered my ears with my hands, not trained (well, zero at all), I showed 100 times where the KISYA was drawn, asked, show where KISYA?, But nothing in response, without any emotion. And there is still a lot of things you cannot remember now, and thank God, it was all. THERE WAS, WAS, WAS, AND PASSED thanks to the professor.

Zhenya at 5.10 years old understands the speech, he thinks 100%, thinks out, fantasizes, draws very beautifully, does not sketch, but he himself draws pictures from his head (he didn’t know how to hold a pencil, what kind of drawing there was) goes to the garden, next year went to a mass school, eats everything, goes to the toilet (he serves himself there) looks into the eyes of the interlocutor. Most importantly, he talks, says everything. He says what worries him, asks what he wants, says where he wants, recites poetry (by the way, he can easily study it), knows how to write, counts. Knows all colors, shapes, shapes, letters, numbers. Is reading. Has become communicative, easily, and correctly behaves in society. I’m not afraid to go with Zhenya to a new establishment, he calmly reacts to this, on the contrary, he is interested in it.

Zhenya is 6.8 years old. Treatment of early childhood autism. Treatment reviews. Autism treatment results with professor Rakhmanov

Helps the house with the household (we are rural) walks for cows, feeds the ducks, helps to water the calves. He sleeps himself in his room. Oh, how happy I was at the first cookie I chewed on my own … How happy I was when my son began to eat on his own with a spoon. All this is a lot of work, the work of the professor together with the mother and the whole family of the child. There are still many, many improvements, but you can’t remember everything like that at once. And for the better, why all that was before? … Now we enjoy our real … our present son … our healthy son …

Zhenya is rollerblading. Treatment of early childhood autism. Treatment reviews. Autism treatment results with professor Rakhmanov

Zhenya was in a serious condition, a deep form of autism. In addition, there is a pseudobulbar paresis. Zhenya did not know how to chew, his brain was not responsible for the chewing function. Zhenya did not speak until he was five and a half years old. He understood absolutely nothing, the speech addressed to him at zero, did not imitate, was not interested in anything at all. Fear of everything new. Fear of walking down the street with your feet. Vomiting reflex to food, frequent vomiting. Enuresis, encopresis. All this was, I am scared, sad, and painful to remember this.

But passing the PMPK commission in front of the school … we were diagnosed!
I waited for this day, dreamed about it and now it has come. The diagnosis was canceled!

They said that we have no mental retardation, no autism.
We asked where we were treated and what we were doing so that we could pull Zhenya out.

Now our diagnosis is delayed speech development.
Zhenya is now 6.8 years old.

Zhenya goes to the 1st grade of a regular school. Treatment of early childhood autism. Treatment reviews. Autism treatment results with professor Rakhmanov

Zhenya with classmates. Treatment of early childhood autism. Treatment reviews. Autism treatment results with professor Rakhmanov

Zhenya, I went to first grade. To a regular school with ordinary kids.
The teacher praises Zhenya and says that he copes with the assignments the fastest.
And there was my child … it’s even scary to remember …

Dear Professor Vagif Mammadovich, our whole family bows low to you.
We thank you for your work.
You have made the impossible out of the possible.

Zhenya with his parents. Treatment of early childhood autism. Treatment reviews. Autism treatment results with professor Rakhmanov

Vagif Mammadovich, thank you very much for your son, for your healthy son, for our family, thanks to you, without you it could no longer exist.

Low bow to you!

Lyubov Matieva

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