Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome. Autism
Daria Arepieva

Hello, I want to share my story. My daughter has Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome (lack of sex chromosome), autism. We were treated to Professor Rakhmanov 1 year ago. On the Internet, I saw a TV broadcast about the professor and immediately told my husband – I am going to Dnipro.

At the age of 5, my daughter weighed 13 kg and was 102-103 cm tall (this is typical for our diagnosis). I ate very badly, mostly broth from soup, and that’s it. I woke up every morning with tears, with the thought of what to feed her today! 😥 I slept very badly, fell asleep late, got up early, and then went to bed again.

She did not understand what she was saying, did not dress, did not undress. Aggression and fear.
Perfect sleep on the first treatment. I fell asleep at 22: 00-22: 30 and all night long, I slept peacefully until morning! Has become cheerful, cheerful!

After the first days, I began to eat so well that I filmed a video for my father of how our child eats. I didn’t believe it.

At home, she stopped feeling sorry for her daughter, as the professor said! Has ceased to force to eat, you do not want, do not eat another no! And somehow we caught her in the kitchen, stood in the refrigerator on a chair and ate cold pilaf from a cauldron with her hands After 2 treatments, my daughter recovered by 5 kg.

Now we are finishing the 4th course of treatment: 18.5kg, 110cm (+ 5.5kg, + 7cm in height, for our syndrome for such a time interval – THIS IS A SHOCK).

She understands requests from 1-2 times before she did not hear us at all. Sounds also appeared: A, O, U!
Undresses and dresses, put on shoes herself! Little by little, there is an interest in classes!
I’m sure there will be 100% understanding and speech because this is ONLY CYCLE 4 !!!

Photos with a difference of 1 year, before treatment and now, 4th cycle of treatment:

Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, autism. Treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, autism. Treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, autism. Treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Many thanks to Professor V.M. Rakhmanov for his hellish work, because more than 100 children and + parents were treated with us every day!

And special thanks for the non-drug methods and his incredible treatment !!!
We injected with Cerebrokurin and similar medicines, result 0. Only the poisoning of a small organism with this chemistry.

And now, to be honest, it’s scary not to get treatment with Professor Rakhmanov.
Thank you so much for bringing thousands of families back to life!!!

Daria Arepieva,
Contact phone +380997837758

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