Genetic disorders
mother Irina, Yana's 11 years old
Hello to everyone. Many people know us, since we are from the elders, but of course, they do not know everything))) I am Irina’s mother, Ph.D. … in the first days of pregnancy, the cells were divided incorrectly, and now there are not 46 chromosomes in each cell of the...
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mother Elena, Matvey 8 years old. Belarus
Good afternoon everyone! We are from Belarus, son Matvey 8 years old, 2 stages, diagnosis: Down syndrome + many accompanying, was silent until 7 years old. Dad is an officer, 2 higher educations. I am just Mom – 1 higher education. The child actively began the phrasal speech, new statements...
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Daria Arepieva
Hello, I want to share my story. My daughter has Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome (lack of sex chromosome), autism. We were treated to Professor Rakhmanov 1 year ago. On the Internet, I saw a TV broadcast about the professor and immediately told my husband – I am going to Dnipro. At the...
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