Down syndrome treatment, Yana 11 y.o
mother Irina, Yana's 11 years old

Hello to everyone. Many people know us, since we are from the elders, but of course, they do not know everything))) I am Irina’s mother, Ph.D. … in the first days of pregnancy, the cells were divided incorrectly, and now there are not 46 chromosomes in each cell of the body, but 47. Disability from birth. Down’s syndrome gives developmental disorders in musculoskeletal, speech, and intellectual development, as well as vision, thyroid gland, often the heart and so on.

3 years ago we came to the professor before the first class, Yana was almost 9 years old. There was no speech, no pointing gesture, no categorical protest from everything that resembles a letter. We went into inclusion (yes, even with such data), the program was recommended for mental retardation, but I thought that we would not be able to pull it off either, since there was no feedback from the child (see above).

After a week of treatment, we had a pointing gesture – we still adore the painted fence at the Institute))) I will leave behind the scenes the details of three years of study, the difficulty of understanding with the school, when I bought all the same notebooks that the whole class did, they did at school the same tasks, they wrote “hand in hand” both at school and at home, at home they studied at least 3 hours every day.

I’ll show you a short video with the result. Many skeptics tell me “of course, to do so much, this is the result, what does the professor have to do with it”, but we did no less work before the professor, only the result was zero. For 4 years we and the specialists worked on the pointing gesture, but it WAS NOT!

Race ;-)? Timed out: 95: 5 = ?, 198: 6 = ?, 154: 7 = ?, 48 * 9 =? Total 1.5 minutes. Pah-pah-pah🤩🤩🤩


Most neurotypical classmates at the end of the 3rd grade do not think so in their minds. My post is more about studying because I want to tell parents that if a child does not speak, this does not mean that he does not need to be taught to read if he cannot write normally “=”, this does not mean that he is “not ready” to give examples and tasks. For some reason, teachers think so. As our esteemed professor says, if mom wants, she will.

A little about myself. Needless to say, I was desperate ?! Neither I, with my education, nor my grandmother, a teacher, could teach a child seemingly elementary things. I could not talk about my daughter for more than 5 minutes, so that tears from helplessness would not appear. At the consultation, the professor did not cry just because it was much less than 5 minutes 🙃.

Now I am giving interviews about inclusion, conducting workshops and teaching teachers and parents how to teach children with complex disabilities.
Now we are going to the 11th year, trying to achieve speech.

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