Down syndrome treatment and rehabilitation, Matvey 8 y.o
mother Elena, Matvey 8 years old. Belarus

Good afternoon everyone! We are from Belarus, son Matvey 8 years old, 2 stages, diagnosis: Down syndrome + many accompanying, was silent until 7 years old.
Dad is an officer, 2 higher educations. I am just Mom – 1 higher education.

The child actively began the phrasal speech, new statements appeared from himself (or from us he had typed) of such vital, not formulaic words and phrases: I don’t really care, I’m tired already, I need to help … Stop finally, Come on faster, Time- money…
I am satisfied! 😁

The emotional background has become better. Improved ✍️ writing and reading. This is where the professor’s expression comes up – “I broke loose from the chain.” He sits down and writes five sheets of phrases from a cartoon. He reads everything: a prayer book, a psalter, a testimonial to himself 😁, and of course children’s books. I’m not sure that she understands everything. , there is no retelling, it is still difficult for him to answer questions based on what he has read.

The body feels different, there are many movements and twists that were previously beyond his power, so it seemed that we did not have spasticity, but you can see some layers of fascia clamps relaxed after the treatment.

Matvey himself swims 50 m, dives deep, roller-skates and 2-wheeled bicycles, went to the choreography, plays tennis 🎾 …. maybe he forgot something ла … I’m very, very happy.

The gastrointestinal tract has improved, the stool is decorated, digested, despite the fact that they left the BG BK diet, which they had been on for almost 5 years.
They stopped drinking thyroid hormone, which they had been drinking since 9 months.

But everything is like in a fairy tale “about a goldfish”: desires grow as old ones are fulfilled)!

Now I’m completely relaxed 😎. Since the birth of Matvey, I have been in great stress: I am constantly racing to find out everything, to have time to do for Matvey’s development. I just burned out. After the treatment, panic attacks and high blood pressure disappeared. The state has passed that I have to do everything: enter the burning hut, and stop the galloping horse … I am trying to return myself, listen to myself, be just a mother.

The middle son, 11 years old, had enuresis, which none of the doctors could cure, therefore she stopped taking them to see them so that they would not be registered. But there was a big problem: neither on an excursion with the class nor on a trip with the guys. And now it is pleasant for the child to wake up in a dry bed.
Got teeth grinding.

Everything is good in our family. Thank God!

We really hope that the borders will be opened and we will be able to come to stage 3 of treatment.

And yet, upon arriving home in March, the child passed the Wechsler test (verbal and non-verbal parts), showed although the lower limit, but the norm !!!
THANKS !!! 😍

We are ready to come, but Belarus is not allowed in yet.
The recording was on June 12th … we hope for the best that soon all borders will be open!

I would like to wish everyone that every child is healthy and surrounded by parental care.
May the sky overhead always be peaceful, and each new day be kind and interesting.
And we wish the parents patience, kindness and tenderness. 😍

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