Specific developmental disorder of motor function
Tertyshnik Vladimir and Anna, son Ivan. Dnipro city, Ukraine.
Good afternoon, Ivan Tertyshnik, 6 years old – cerebral palsy, delayed psychomotor development, symptomatic epilepsy (remission). Father Tertyshnik Vladimir 32 years old (mechanic), mother Tertyshnik Anna 31 years old (paramedic, I am not working now). We live in Dnipro, Ukraine. We went through the first cycle when Vanya was 3...
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Svetlana and son Danya, Vishnevy, Ukraine
My name is Svetlana, my son Dana is 6.9 years old. We are diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy (ICP), spastic paraparesis of the lower extremities, retardation, general speech underdevelopment of the 1st degree. We are from Vishnevy, Ukraine. In February, we completed 9 treatment cycles. A little history before treatment...
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Valentina, Mom of Timur. Cherkasy, Ukraine
Greeting! My name is Valentina, my son Timur is 6.5 years old, the diagnosis is a specific developmental disorder of motor function. We started treatment with a professor at the age of 4, at the moment 8 cycles have passed. At the age of 4, Timur could not walk without...
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