Cerebral palsy, delayed psychomotor development, symptomatic epilepsy
Tertyshnik Vladimir and Anna, son Ivan. Dnipro city, Ukraine.

Good afternoon, Ivan Tertyshnik, 6 years old – cerebral palsy, delayed psychomotor development, symptomatic epilepsy (remission). Father Tertyshnik Vladimir 32 years old (mechanic), mother Tertyshnik Anna 31 years old (paramedic, I am not working now). We live in Dnipro, Ukraine.

We went through the first cycle when Vanya was 3 years old, he did not walk, did not speak, did not serve himself, did not eat himself, did not understand the addressed speech, woke up at night, drooling heavily, constantly open mouth, squint, lack of a pointing gesture, was afraid of loud unfamiliar sounds, hysterics when something did not work, he could beat himself (auto-aggression), when he was nervous to swing to the sides, there was also rolled eyes, and as the electroencephalography result showed, these were convulsions.

After the first cycle, the child began to better understand the addressed speech, began to better understand and behave in the classroom, saliva almost disappeared, began to walk with support, by the hand, new sounds appeared in speech, a pointing gesture appeared. We went through the second cycle in October 2016, and in January 2017 Vanya took his first independent steps, for which we are incredibly grateful to the professor.
Thank you a lot from our family!

At the moment, we are undergoing treatment, we have the eighth cycle. During this time, we have had a lot of improvements: he walks better, even starts running, climbs the Swedish wall (he used to be afraid of it). Says: mom, dad, woman, addressed to us “yes” and “no”. Strabismus is gone, electroencephalography has significantly improved, there are no seizures, and Vanya is on the minimum dose of an anticonvulsant drug. I began to sleep well, rarely get sick, hysterics have significantly decreased. I became more attentive, my memory became better, I myself eat, drink, ask to go to the toilet. I started eating and picking up cookies, chocolate, bread. Previously, I did not eat and did not take food in my hands. He began to play independently (with a ball, cars, the designer builds towers).

In general, Vanya became a completely different child, he grew up, he does not look like a child with such difficult diagnoses, we still have a lot of work, but for all our current achievements we thank the professor very much, and we will always be grateful to the whole family for the fact that Vagif Mamedovich has done for our son!

Tel. +380682601586

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