Professor Rakhmanov won the nomination “Innovator of Health Care” and was awarded the Order of St. Panteleimon

Vagif Mamedovych Rakhmanov, Director of the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor and Innovator of Ukraine, won the nomination “Innovator of Health Care”. He devoted his entire life to medicine and created a unique method of treatment that saved thousands of lives and proved its effectiveness. For outstanding results, professionalism, and mercy in the field of medicine and health care of Ukraine, Professor Rakhmanov was awarded the Order of St. Panteleimon.


Treatment reviews
mother Natasha, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine
The diagnosis is cortical blindness. But, I’ll start with the main thing – we were lucky. We managed to identify daughter Margarita for treatment at the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, where we met with a real doctor – a real wizard. This event became in the family...
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Mom Lesya, Kyiv, Ukraine
Alyosha was well remembered by the medical team of Dr. Rakhmanov’s institute, the diagnosis was hydrocephalus, the condition after coma (post coma state). When we brought Alyosha to Professor Rakhmanov for treatment, he did not perceive the speech addressed to him and did not speak himself, did not eat himself,...
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Nadia, mom of Levchik, Ukraine
For the first time we turned to Professor Rakhmanov when my son Levchik was diagnosed with childhood autism, cognitive impairment, speech underdevelopment, but in fact its complete absence, he turned 6 years and 2 months and in the same year, immediately after the consultation, from the beginning and almost until...
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