Childhood autism. The second stage of treatment with Professor Rakhmanov

Natalya Kuznetsova, in her video, tells the details of how her daughter was treated for childhood autism according to the method of Professor Rakhmanov.

Treatment reviews
Mom Tanya, Brovary.
Childhood Autism Treatment. Feedback. I will try to be as short as possible. Before our treatment with Professor Rakhmanov, Ilyusha spoke about 15 words: ma, pa, ba, VA, GO AWAY, WALI (to walk), CAD-CAD (a candy), SWI-SWI (to swim), etc. And then “said” it is said loudly – he pronounced...
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Daria Arepieva
Hello, I want to share my story. My daughter has Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome (lack of sex chromosome), autism. We were treated to Professor Rakhmanov 1 year ago. On the Internet, I saw a TV broadcast about the professor and immediately told my husband – I am going to Dnipro. At the...
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Tatiana Levitskaya
Autism – we will win! Your child is healthy! – this is how Professor Rakhmanov said about my child. This is not an advertisement, this is my life! Today I am ready to share it with you. I am the mother of a child who has been diagnosed with autism....
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