Childhood autism. The second stage of treatment with Professor Rakhmanov

Natalya Kuznetsova, in her video, tells the details of how her daughter was treated for childhood autism according to the method of Professor Rakhmanov.

Treatment reviews
Mom Tanya, Brovary.
Childhood Autism Treatment. Feedback. I will try to be as short as possible. Before our treatment with Professor Rakhmanov, Ilyusha spoke about 15 words: ma, pa, ba, VA, GO AWAY, WALI (to walk), CAD-CAD (a candy), SWI-SWI (to swim), etc. And then “said” it is said loudly – he pronounced...
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Lena Moor, mother of Misha, 9 years old
Good afternoon everyone, my name is Lena, I’m Misha’s mom, we are 9 years old, diagnosed with early childhood autism (Kanner’s syndrome). We live in Germany. From 26.03.2018 to 13.04.2018 we went through the 12th stage of treatment. Misha fell ill at a year and a half after being vaccinated....
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mom Nana, Aram, Kherson, Ukraine
Лечение аутистического спектра (РАС), Арам, Херсон, Украина The diagnosis is the disorder of the autistic spectrum (ASD) and I would like to share with you our successes. In the video, you can not pass everything that he can already speak. We graduated from the 6th Cycle of Treatment at Professor in Research Institute. From the 1st to the 4th cycle there were micro-improvements but they were. Already after the 4th cycle, and this is 1 course of treatment, and the 5th, the 6th cycle of the child began to appear the words 🙏
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