Childhood autism. The second stage of treatment with Professor Rakhmanov

Natalya Kuznetsova in her video tells the details of how the treatment of her daughter from childhood autism according to the method of Professor Rakhmanov took place.

Treatment reviews
Alena, son Mark, 4 years old, Ukraine
Hello everyone! My name is Alena, son Mark, 4.10 years old, diagnosed with autism. In June, we completed the 1st cycle of treatment. From the very first days, we noticed very great progress in our son, from the 3rd day of treatment, nocturnal enuresis passed. This is one of the...
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mom Natasha, son Kiryusha, Donetsk-Dnipro, Ukraine
Treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), alalia (ZPRR), hyperactivity (ADHD). Reviews of treatment, Kirill 10 y.o. Ukraine Today is a special day in our family - our eldest son Kiryusha is 10 years old. I don’t want to list all of our former problems: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Alalia (ZPRD), Hyperactivity (ADHD), etc. Today I have special feelings. We have achieved a lot, and Kiryusha's speech appeared thanks to Professor Rakhmanov...
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Vika, mom, Masha 7 y.o. and Alex 9 y.o, US
Hello, I’m Vika. We are from the USA, we are me, my mother, Masha 7 years old diagnosed with autism and Alex 9 years old Asperger’s syndrome. Masha and I are on treatment for 10 days at the beginning of July 2020. Alex was “sympathetic” and received several sessions too....
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