Childhood autism. The second stage of treatment with Professor Rakhmanov

Natalya Kuznetsova in her video tells the details of how the treatment of her daughter from childhood autism according to the method of Professor Rakhmanov took place.

Treatment reviews
Mom Katya, Kiev, Ukraine.
My daughter Eva is 9 years old. The trauma during childbirth gave consequences – cerebral hydrocephalus, followed by developmental delay. I want to share my difficult story of a child’s life and give our feedback on the treatment with Professor Rakhmanov. There were 2 shunts. The first one is not...
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Vika, mom, Masha 7 y.o. and Alex 9 y.o, US
Hello, I’m Vika. We are from the USA, we are me, my mother, Masha 7 years old diagnosed with autism and Alex 9 years old Asperger’s syndrome. Masha and I are on treatment for 10 days at the beginning of July 2020. Alex was “sympathetic” and received several sessions too....
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Akhmedova Ekaterina, mother of Amir, Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan
Hello! I want to share my experience of treatment with my son Amir by Professor Rakhmanov with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), specific developmental disorders of speech and language, sensory alalia. Our boy was 3 years 10 months old at the time of the first visit. First came to a neurologist...
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