Autism - We Will Win!
Tatiana Levitskaya

Autism – we will win! Your child is healthy! – this is how Professor Rakhmanov said about my child.
This is not an advertisement, this is my life! Today I am ready to share it with you. I am the mother of a child who has been diagnosed with autism.

Our story

We were told — “Your child is diagnosed with autism. Your family must come to terms with this. He is not treated. You have to get used to the idea that your life will completely change with a disabled child. This is a genetic disease and nothing can be done about it… ”

My husband and I came home, reviewed on the Internet what this diagnosis is. An hour of silence. Shock… Heartbreaking pain inside me … What? Where? Why? For what?

The question about my work was closed. She quit. They started sounding the alarm: “grandmothers”, “medicine-man”, “manual therapy”, AVA therapy, canistherapy, a gluten-free diet, took all kinds of drugs: Cortexin, Depakine, and other nootropics.

The child’s behavior and mental state deteriorated before our eyes. At that time, we “looked into the mouth” of all doctors and did everything in good faith, not realizing that we were gradually “killing” our child. It was unbearably painful to look at a child who did not know how to help.

How much effort, nerves, and most importantly wasted time were spent.
I don’t know what would have happened to our child, but purely by chance, we saw on TV a program with the participation of Professor Rakhmanov from Dnipro.

When your child is diagnosed with autism, the whole family suffers

Maybe this review will seem strange to someone, but in my life experience, I want to say one thing – when your child is diagnosed with autism, the whole family suffers. So it was with us.

My state of being lost, unknown, constant neuroses, stress, insomnia, resentment against the whole world grew into family quarrels and scandals – and this all affected our family, first of all, our children, unfortunately, you only understand this later.

The family was crumbling on the sly… How to deal with this?

When we came for a consultation with the professor, the first thing that surprised me was a sign with the inscription:

“If you are lucky enough to get treatment, we must divide our work equally (50% and 50%). This is a hell of a job … And so if you only hope for a miracle, you better not contact me! ”

This was the most important rule for me!

“Patients are required to do three things first of all: patience, not paying attention to the disease, and fighting the disease with a smile on their lips. Health is the fourth thing “

“Don’t believe that disease is incurable. All diseases are from bad thoughts. Let’s remove bad thoughts and illnesses will disappear “

“If you want to be healthy, be healthy. But for this, you have to want and do a lot! ”

“The psyche and health of parents grow old and break, like fruit trees, from their own fruits”

“Laughter and joy are a friend in the fight against sorrow”

“Go take action. Before it’s too late, change your fate “

“The ability to forgive is also a talent and not everyone is given it”

Professor Rakhmanov. Book “Wise Words, Psychological Thoughts and Aphorisms”

This book by the professor, which helped me think, understand and realize a lot. His book “Wise Words” left a mark on my soul, which gave me the strength to go forward.

And so we arrived for 1 cycle of treatment (1 therapy cycle – 20 days) at the “Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation” of professor Rakhmanov.

Before treatment

At that time, the child was 4 years old. What complaints we came with:

  • did not respond to his name
  • did not understand the speech being spoken
  • didn’t say anything
  • aggression and auto-aggression
  • did not look in the eyes, a detached look
  • there was no feeling of fear, pity
  • hyperactivity
  • there was no self-service
  • lack of facial expressions
  • did not feel cold, warm,
  • obsessive arm and leg movements
  • lined up all objects (pencils, toys, etc.)
  • complete lack of attention, interest in everything that surrounds him
  • he was not interested in children at all
  • experienced fear in public
  • covered my ears at loud noises
  • screams, tantrums, neuroses
  • walked on tiptoes
  • woke up at night screaming, etc.

Results of the non-drug treatment by professor Rakhmanov

After the first day of treatment – the child slept all night, and I sat over him and did not believe that this could be, at that moment we canceled all the drugs.

Miracle? Not! This is a hard work of a professor who has been developing his own method for years, I want to note that the method of treating autism of Professor Rakhmanov is NON-DRUG, to cure our children.

This method of treatment, which is impossible to describe, tell, but I know for sure that this is our path to recovery. The daily hellish work of the professor and the hellish work and patience of parents give results.

What surprised me during the treatment is that the professor is engaged not only in the child but also in the parents.

“Patients are required to do three things first of all: patience, not paying attention to the disease, and fighting the disease with a smile on their lips. Health is the fourth thing!”

Professor V. Rakhmanov. Book “Wise Words, Psychological Thoughts and Aphorisms”

The book “Wise words, psychological thoughts, aphorisms” helped me think, rethink, learn a lot and go forward.

The professor often tells us:

“In order to cure a child, mom and dad must be cured first! When a child sees his parents happy, when happiness and love reign in the family, only then will the result of your child’s treatment be achieved.”

But how to cope with mental pain, how to improve the atmosphere in the family? What are the consequences of a child’s illness?

One more book by professor Rakhmanov is “Family neurosis. Psychosomatic and autonomic disorders in children and adults”. This book taught us to control our emotions, correct our mistakes, and establish in the family that happiness, joy, and love that our children lacked so much. I cannot say that we managed it easily, but we tried to change ourselves.

When we quarrel, swear, shout, throw out our negativity, it seems to us it becomes easier, but what are our children experiencing at this moment? – fear, which later develops into neuroses and other psychosomatic disorders. I recommend reading this book to all parents who want to raise healthy, kind, and happy children!

Why do our children so often get sick, suffer from allergies, asthma, etc.? After all, we buy them all the best from birth: baby food, juices, fruits, vitamins, yogurts, hot dogs, pizzas. We use hygiene products, cosmetics. We dress them in beautiful clothes. Each child has his own mobile phone, computer, not realizing that this is what we are doing harm to our children.

And after that, we want to have healthy and smart children? This is what will be discussed in the next book by professor Rakhmanov: “Optimism- pessimism. Paradoxes are the excesses of modern civilization in the vision of a professor, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychoanalyst”.

In this book, the professor does not call, but shouts: “People, look around! What are you doing? Think about the future of your children! … Where are we heading?” This is a very informative book for me: the professor gives us detailed interesting information, useful facts related to our ecology, nutrition, medicines, etc. in our modern civilization.

Each professor’s book is unique, as is his unique method of treating children with the most complex diseases.

Autism. Autistic circle disorder. Assistance methods. Pros and cons. To help parents of sick children who got lost in the “information”

From the first days of our “special” life, I had a lot of questions.

Has the vaccine failed in the development of the child?
Which technique is effective?
Which drugs therapy?

But I never found the answers. I had to try all the options: a bunch of useless techniques, nootropics, which further aggravated the child’s condition.
But apparently we did it for a reason because it was in this way that we found the only technique that gave us a chance to recover our child.

Now, when I read the book by professor “Autism. Autistic spectrum disorder. Methods of assistance. Pros and Cons. Help guide to the parents with autistic children who are lost in “information”, I finally found answers to all my questions. This book helps parents protect their children from the trials we have gone through.

Moms! Learn from the mistakes of other people’s families, thereby you will save your child … Go ahead and do not give up and then you will find the happiness that our family is now experiencing!

“The best doctor takes his life and puts it in the patient’s life. That’s why his treatment is wonderful”

Professor Rakhmanov. Book “Wise Words, Psychological Thoughts, and Aphorisms

With each cycle, my child had improvements, then we involved a psychologist and a speech therapist in our joint work. Our day began and ended with classes.

Now my son is 9 years old. He talks, reads, writes, considers, jokes, fantasizes, all those complaints that were – they have been gone for a long time.

The child is in grade 2 in a mass school. I am proud of my son! He’s a great fellow!

Professor Rakhmanov said — “Your child is healthy! Have you dreamed about it?”

Today we are completing the 10th cycle of treatment.
— “Mommy, do not worry, we will be fine!”
My son said these words today. And that’s it.

Autism treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

To be honest, I came to try a new technique for us once again. Simply, after the words of doctors that AUTISM is not treated, it sounded like a sentence.

This was the chance we decided to take advantage of. When the first improvements appeared, only then did I see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, there was a hope for recovery. Yes, then I dreamed about it, at the same time, there was a lot to go through, but I “went to my dream in tiny steps.”

Autism treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Autism treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Autism treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Autism treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Autism treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Autism treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Autism treatment reviews. Professor Rakhmanov. Ukraine. Dnipro

Low bow to the person who, with his hard, daily work, saves thousands of families with sick children, who love our children very much, endures with us mental pain, who is completely given to our children.

I am infinitely grateful to you, our dear and already so dear, Professor Vagif Mamedovich Rakhmanov!

Only now I understand that it was not in vain that I listened to your advice, it was not in vain that I did everything that you constantly tell us about.

Thank you very much for your hard work, for the deep meaning of your books, for those wise words that will remain in my heart forever!
Thank you for saving the child, for saving our family!
The child is healthy!

Moms, if you have any questions for me, I will always find time to share my experience with you. Just call.


Tatiana Levitskaya

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