Professor Rakhmanov participated in the session “The Best Medical Practice” of Oxford Summit “Achievements-2021”

Professor Rakhmanov Vagif Mamedovich participated in the session of the project “The Best Medical Practice” (United Kingdom – Belgium) with the participation of the International Association of Specialists of Health Practices as part of the leader’s summit “Achievements-2021”. The session was online, on a special Internet platform “Achievements”, which allowed the events of the summit to be the focus of the general public.

The session was devoted to the achievements of the leaders of medicine and recovery, as well as the best practices in the field of treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. Special attention was paid to copyright methods, effective for lifting immunity, preventing hazardous infections, self-healing of the body, increasing its protective forces, psychological mechanisms of self-defense, and adaptation to the conditions of life during the pandemic period.

As part of the session, the participants, among whom were the President of the European Medical Association, Dr. Vincenzo Kostylol, were able to submit their developments, innovations, and know-how to the interested audience of like-minded people, exchange experience, share their own concept. In the course of interesting discussions discussed the program of joint actions on the confrontation of a coronavirus pandemic.

The organizers of the session and the head of the Lada Litvinov project expressed great appreciation to Professor Rakhmanov for the development of innovative technologies in the field of health, effective in the confrontation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its competence, personal human qualities, a holistic approach to the treatment and improvement of patients made it possible to take leadership positions in the professional sphere, to earn respect for colleagues, patients, and the general public.

Professor Rakhmanov presented at the session a current report on the “psychological portrait of COVID-19” and analyzed the main symptoms of the disease and the state of various groups of patients at COVID-19. The professor emphasized the psychological condition of patients with this disease.

The participants of the event discussed such questions:
– work clinics, medical and wellness centers during a pandemic;
– development of author’s methods of treatment and preventing infection with the COVID-19 virus and other dangerous infections;
– Recipes mental and physical health.

The conference speakers will be presented with diplomas of the International Socration Committee “For Achievements in Medicine and Health”, the materials of their speeches will be posted on the forum coordinator sites, as well as published in the session catalog.

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