Professor Rakhmanov was awarded for the “Humanism and Nobility”
Diploma - For Humanism and Nobility

Diploma of the participant of the conference “The Best Medical Practice” of the Oxford Summit “Achievements-21”

Socrates Nomination Committee adopted a decision on awarding the Honored Doctor and Inventor of Ukraine, MD, Professor Vagif Rakhmanov, Director of Research Institute “Child and family psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, medical and psycho-social rehabilitation”, the award for the Humanism and Nobility for their dedication to the profession, preserving the best medical traditions, as well as courage and nobility in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. This distinction is awarded to the best doctors and medical specialists in the world who are at the forefront of the fight against the disease.

Medal - For Humanism and Nobility

Medal — “Awards in Masterpieces of Timeless Art”

Treatment reviews
Andrey's mom
Childhood autism. The feedback on the treatment of autism by the method of Professor Rakhmanov Childhood autism. The feedback on the treatment of autism by the method of Professor Rakhmanov.
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Mom Tanya, Brovary.
Childhood Autism Treatment. Feedback. I will try to be as short as possible. Before our treatment with Professor Rakhmanov, Ilyusha spoke about 15 words: ma, pa, ba, VA, GO AWAY, WALI (to walk), CAD-CAD (a candy), SWI-SWI (to swim), etc. And then “said” it is said loudly – he pronounced...
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Mom Katya, Kiev, Ukraine.
My daughter Eva is 9 years old. The trauma during childbirth gave consequences – cerebral hydrocephalus, followed by developmental delay. I want to share my difficult story of a child’s life and give our feedback on the treatment with Professor Rakhmanov. There were 2 shunts. The first one is not...
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