“I promised my wife: if Rakhmanov helps cure our son of autism, I will get a tattoo on his body – a portrait of the professor”

Professor Rakhmanov was able to help a child who was constantly screaming, could not eat ungrated food, did not speak. Treatment of autism gave a positive result – Oleg is almost no different from his peers and goes to a regular school.

Autism treatment. Reviews. Professor Rakhmanov

The child was born on time, with a score of 10 points on the Apgar scale, and until the age of one and a half, he had no health problems. Parents believe that it was the vaccination that “turned on” some mechanism in the body: Oleg began to have strange appearances of the illness.

Autism treatment. Reviews. Professor Rakhmanov

“We noticed that the child, who had already uttered the first words, after vaccination stopped talking, asking to go to the toilet, started crying at night, and then … could not swallow normally, ate only grated food,” recalls the boy’s father Evgeny Gnatyshin. – Before our eyes, Olezhka turned into a plant, we lost contact with him, did not know what to do.

Autism was diagnosed by ourselves … on the Internet. Many signs pointed to him. In Simferopol (we lived in Crimea then), all doctors confirmed that Oleg had autism, but they could not offer any treatment. We even went to a folk healer. Hope flashed and soon faded.

Completely exhausted and disbelieving, we adapted to live without hope. The night was shared with his wife in half: they slept in turns, as the child screamed and it was impossible to calm him down. And in the daytime, while eating, even a grain of buckwheat caught in his favorite pureed soup made his son vomit. Time passed, the situation did not change. And suddenly an acquaintance brought a clipping from a newspaper, which was about Professor Rakhmanov from Dnipro and his method of treating autism. We decided to try it.

Professor Rakhmanov says – I have long been interested in the problem of treating autism

– I have long been interested in the problem of treating autism and I am sure that such children can be helped, – says Vagif Rakhmanov, director of the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Honored Doctor and Honored Innovator of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

The method of treating autism and other diseases without medication developed by me is protected by patents and recognized in other countries. 500 scientific papers and eight monographs have been published on this topic. I proceed from the fact that the brain has a huge margin of safety, and is used only by five (!) percent. The task of the doctor is to make healthy brain cells work instead of those killed or injured. And I select the ways to do this individually for each child and always tell the parents: “Much depends on your perseverance, determination, desire. Never give up.”

The treatment of autism by Professor Rakhmanov has been very effective, say Oleg’s parents. After the first course, they had the hope that their son would feel better and better. But the next three courses (each lasting 20 days) with a break of four to four and a half months gave almost no results.

– The relationship between my wife and I became very tense, we exploded for any reason, again lost hope, were nervous, – recalls Evgeny. – It seemed to me that it was pointless to carry out the fifth course of treatment and we had to come to terms with the situation. And the wife insisted that the treatment should be continued. In his hearts, he told her: “If Dr. Rakhmanov helps to cure my son of autism, I will get a tattoo on his body – his portrait.” In fact, I was not very good at tattoos, and before that, I had no idea of ​​drawing something on myself. With such a mood, we again went to the doctor in Dnipro.

And on the very first day of treatment, a miracle happened: the son took an apple from the table and began to eat. That was incredible! Tears welled up in my eyes. After all, up to this moment Oleg still could not swallow normally, he ate only pureed food, even the crumb of bread caused him a gag reflex. Apparently, the fifth course of treatment was decisive, turning. We noticed: immediately after therapy, a little aggression appears in the behavior, but soon it goes away, and the son becomes obedient, affectionate, and balanced. What a joy to see him like that!

Autism treatment. Reviews. Professor Rakhmanov

Evgeny Gnatyshin: “Those who saw Oleg’s condition before meeting with Vagif Mamedovich cannot believe that his method gave such an amazing result. That is why the portrait of the doctor is now always with me”

I apologized to my wife, admitted that I was wrong, and began looking for a master to fulfill my promise – to get a tattoo. Once in the store we saw a guy with a picture on his shoulder: Zeus sitting on a cloud. Everything was done very professionally, and I asked for the contacts of the master. It turned out that he works more abroad than in Ukraine. But we still met. Having learned the history of our family, the master set to work. For six hours I lay on the table, and Evgeny Anatsky transferred the portrait of Dr. Rakhmanov to my liver area.

I spent four hours under anesthesia, and the rest of the time I had to endure pain. The idea of ​​a portrait may seem strange to some, but for me it has acquired a special meaning, even symbolic. The doctor who performed a real miracle for our family is now always with me. Thanks to Vagif Mammadovich, the son is gradually getting rid of a serious problem, our dream is coming true that he becomes an ordinary child, so that his talents are revealed. After all, these children are called special. And one more thing: Dr. Rakhmanov made my wife and I look at our relationship differently and helped us become much happier.

“Returning happiness to a family with a problem child is our main task, but in order to fulfill it, the doctor must use all his knowledge and experience, and the parents are simply obliged to help him with this,” says Vagif Rakhmanov. – Success comes only when the whole family believes that the child will succeed, and does it, that is, follows all my recommendations. It is hard work.

About 700 children are treated at our institute annually. The main diagnoses that we manage to cope with: hearing impairment, autism, specific developmental disorders, anorexia, other serious illnesses. And I do not prescribe drugs to any child. We do without them. From experience, I know that saving children who have been receiving drug therapy for a long time is especially difficult, and sometimes impossible. It happens that years of hard work are spent on treatment. The reward for the doctor and the parents is a healthy child.

For example, I first saw Oleg, who was diagnosed with autism and whom the doctors practically gave up when he was four and a half years old. Hard case. But I could not refuse, deprive my parents of hope. Fortunately, the boy is now practically healthy, he goes to a regular school.

He recently completed his ninth course of treatment. When, on the last day of therapy, Oleg’s father Evgeny came to my office and showed me a tattoo – my portrait – I was just shocked! I do not know how to evaluate this act. He demanded courage from a man: after all, he had to endure pain for many hours. And the man kept his promise to himself, and this is important. I am pleased to know that the family has not broken up, that the relationship has been restored, love and wisdom prevail in them, and the child grows up in a harmonious psychological environment.

Autism treatment. Reviews. Professor Rakhmanov

Professor Vagif Rakhmanov: “If a child has autism, usually the whole family should be treated for family neurosis.”

Vagif Mammadovich has more than 30 years of experience in treating children and adults with functional and organic pathologies. For many years he headed the department of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Psychiatric Hospital and then created the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Medical, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, which treats patients from all regions of Ukraine and from abroad. An experienced specialist with a huge list of regalia became the winner of the annual open international competition “Scientist-2016” in the category “Medicine” held in Chicago (USA).

– I am ready to share my experience and knowledge with those doctors who would like to master drug-free methods of treatment, I am ready to teach students, – says Professor Vagif Rakhmanov. – If a doctor loves his profession, loves his patients and wants to help them become healthy, he must constantly learn, improve, acquire new knowledge. You can get acquainted with the work of our institute on the website www.institute.prof-rahmanov.dp.ua, and contact phone numbers for communication are +38066-821−46−35, +380098-514−01−69 and +380063-506−76−33. We will be glad to find like-minded people.

Talking with Oleg’s mother Evgenia (by the way, the parents have the same names), I understand that she repeatedly scrolled in her head all the circumstances of her pregnancy, the birth of a baby, recalled how she got the highest quality vaccine, how the child reacted to the vaccination. Unfortunately, the nature of autism is poorly understood. It is not known at what point the brain turns an ordinary child into an autistic person. What is the trigger? Stress? Vaccination? These are just assumptions. But not groundless.

– I delayed the moment of vaccination, apparently, instinctively, – recalls Evgenia. – But when Oleg was a year and a half, I gave up, as all the doctors assured that diphtheria is dangerous, whooping cough, mumps can give complications. The child was absolutely healthy, at birth he received the highest mark, which means he was “excellent student”. What could happen to him? All children are vaccinated, and nothing bad happens to them. But with our child, everything turned out to be different.

– How soon did you notice changes in his behavior?

– They grew gradually. At first, we were surprised that a child who said “Mom”, “Dad” showed how a dog barks, a cow hums, a cat meows, and suddenly stopped doing it. Then he began to cry bitterly at night. We thought he had a tummy ache. But the symptoms grew. He was already crying and screaming more than sleeping. When we went for a walk during the day, I started crying a lot if we tried to change our usual route. I only had to go along the same path every day.

Then the moment came when Oleg could not swallow pieces of food normally. But until recently he could easily eat carrots, beets, gnaw an apple, chew cookies. The child had a gag reflex. The doctors couldn’t explain anything. We searched for information on the Internet and found it. But they did not want to believe that the kid has autism. He ceased to rejoice at us, to look into our eyes, and tried to organize all the objects – put them in order. The instinct of self-preservation disappeared – Oleg did not feel pain, did not distinguish between hot and cold water and ran out onto the road right under the car.

– You needed a neurologist …

– Yes. And we found a wonderful pediatric neurologist in Simferopol – Irina Ivanovna Movchan. She explained that Oleg apparently had a predisposition to the disease, but the vaccination “woke her up” – and part of the child’s brain seemed to stop developing. In this case, drugs hardly help. Although after the treatment prescribed by the neurologist, Oleg began to sleep better. Irina Ivanovna told us the words that are simply necessary for parents like us: “We must look for our own way to recovery. Your child is special.” And we were looking. When, after the first course of treatment for autism with Professor Rakhmanov, we came to Irina Ivanovna, she was amazed at the results and was very happy about what Vagif Mammadovich managed to do.

In 2014, right after the so-called “referendum, we left Crimea. This is a sore subject for us, nevertheless, now we are building new life in a new place – in Brovary, not far from Kyiv. And in this city, we met many wonderful professional and sincere people. The son went to school, at first inclusive teachers helped him to master the material. Now he has become more independent: he communicates freely, went with the class on an excursion to the ostrich farm. Children perceive him well and do not feel that he is something of Even the swimming coach, with whom Oleg is engaged in the pool, does not realize that the child had serious health problems. We did not dream of success in swimming, did not expect that the son would be able to read, count, communicate with other children, go to a regular school, but it all happened.

– How was professor Rakhmanov treated for autism?

– To begin with, at the first meeting our child had contact with the doctor. Oleg behaved restlessly, was capricious, but as soon as Vagif Mamedovich looked at him, the child calmed down and sat down. Later, when Oleg had already begun to speak, he called the doctor “Wizzard”, putting admiration into this word. At first, it was a problem to put needles to the child: I could hardly manage to hold Oleg, who was trying to escape. But then he got used to it.

Many children tolerate acupuncture well: by stimulating certain biologically active points, the doctor normalizes the entire nervous system. In the classroom, children dance. This method is also used, which activates the senses: the child’s eyes are closed with the help of special glasses, and the mother goes for a walk with him. So the vision is turned off and other senses are sharpened – hearing, smell. But everything must be done only under the supervision of a doctor so as not to harm. Working with children, Vagif Mammadovich at the same time treats parents for neurosis. After all, this disease necessarily affects all family members. It is important to understand that parental neurosis prevents a child from recovering.

I can admit that Dr. Rakhmanov saved our family from divorce, brought us back the joy of life, showed that our love can work miracles. Observing other married couples who come for treatment with children, I noticed that if parents quarrel, the child does not recover, because it is impossible to create a favorable emotional environment for him. But the parents do not understand this and are disappointed in the method.

And those who have managed to rebuild the relationship get great results. From the outside, it is noticeable how the faces of the children change from one course to another, they become joyful, the stamp of the disease disappears. Professor Rakhmanov wrote the book “Family Neurosis” . We received it as a gift and we can say that reading this book would be useful for everyone – patients, doctors, and those who have not been affected by the disease.

Autism treatment. Reviews. Professor Rakhmanov

Oleg’s parents, Evgeny and Evgenia, believe that in treating a child, much depends on whether the family succeeds in creating harmonious relationships.

“According to statistics, there are now about 10 million autistic people in the world and, unfortunately, the number of those diagnosed with autism and autism spectrum diseases is constantly growing – by 11-17 percent annually,” says Professor Rakhmanov. “In addition, many children cannot be given an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment. Doctors should be aware that there are harbingers of autism in children. This can be, in particular, emotional poverty, a cold attitude towards family and friends. A child can grind his teeth in sleep, scream, sleep restlessly, sweat a lot. Such symptoms must be paid attention to and interpreted professionally. Drug therapy for autism often makes the situation worse. That is why it is so important to change approaches to the treatment of various functional and organic pathologies in children, to improve psychosocial rehabilitation. Then there will be more happy families.

Based on materials from the newspaper “Facts”

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