Treatment of autism, development delay and others – “From terrible diagnoses to a healthy life. The legend of medicine – Professor Vagif Rakhmanov”

The TV programm “Zmini” with Tetyana Ostrolutskaya tells about how Professor Rakhmanov conducts treatment of child autism , specific developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, behavioral disorders in children, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, psychosomatic disorders, neuroses, phobias, tics, stuttering and other mental disorders.

Interviews and parental feedback about the treatment of autism, childhood autism, specific developmental disorders, psycho-motor skills, speech, and scholastic skills and others.

Treatment reviews
Nadia, mom of Levchik, Ukraine
For the first time we turned to Professor Rakhmanov when my son Levchik was diagnosed with childhood autism, cognitive impairment, speech underdevelopment, but in fact its complete absence, he turned 6 years and 2 months and in the same year, immediately after the consultation, from the beginning and almost until...
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Gushchina Natalia
Good day, My name is Natalya Gushchina, I live in Mariupol, Donetsk region. Having read all the above, I would like to write a few lines on my own behalf. So that people who are just thinking to contact Professor Rakhmanov do it faster and do not hesitate! Professor Rakhmanov...
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Marina, Nelly's mother. Kyiv, Ukraine
Good afternoon everyone! At 3 years 8 months, he was diagnosed with grade 3 hearing loss (presumably due to lingering jaundice at birth) and a strong recommendation to wear a hearing aid. We did not accept such a decision of the specialists, we found Professor Rakhmanov, and after 3 days...
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