Treatment of autism, development delay and others – “From terrible diagnoses to a healthy life. The legend of medicine – Professor Vagif Rakhmanov”

The TV programm “Zmini” with Tetyana Ostrolutskaya tells about how Professor Rakhmanov conducts treatment of child autism , specific developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, behavioral disorders in children, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, psychosomatic disorders, neuroses, phobias, tics, stuttering and other mental disorders.

Interviews and parental feedback about the treatment of autism, childhood autism, specific developmental disorders, psycho-motor skills, speech, and scholastic skills and others.

Treatment reviews
Mom Irina and daughter Vita. Kharkiv, Ukraine
My already 15-year-old daughter has elective mutism. She speaks only with a limited circle of people – in our case, with relatives and children – her peers. Doesn’t speak to outside adults at all. Plus a bunch of all sorts of fears, mostly far-fetched. Plus hyper-shyness and dislike for personal...
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Mom Katya, Kiev, Ukraine.
My daughter Eva is 9 years old. The trauma during childbirth gave consequences – cerebral hydrocephalus, followed by developmental delay. I want to share my difficult story of a child’s life and give our feedback on the treatment with Professor Rakhmanov. There were 2 shunts. The first one is not...
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Inna, Artem's mother, 3 years old
The child grows up active, cheerful and kind, but one problem is that he does not hear. We spent almost two years in hearing aids, and one and a half years of classes with a deaf teacher did not bring the desired results ... In 20 days of treatment, Artyom's hearing improved by 10 dB. Opened up new horizons in bone conduction ...
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